REALLY hope we get another sniper character

Anyone else think we need to have another character that’s more of a sniper, like Marquis?? Sometimes I like to stick back and just pick people off lol :joy:

Yeah, I think so too.
We need another sniper class, less mobile than Marquis, a lot heavier, but more efficient from distance and more powerful.

I just hope they find a way to stop the Ryan’s of the world. ■■■■■■■ aimbots.

I feel like you’re describing Toby. At least from what I’ve read of him

Yeah with his railgun and arc mines. Which comes with a not just a scope, but zoom, which can be upgraded.

Particularly the upgrade to outline enemies, including cloaked ones

Sniping across the map :wink:


or something.

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The skill kinda reminds me of Perfect Dark (N64) there was a x-ray sniper that could shoot through walls to the other side of the map.

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Nah, Toby is a tank. Really cool tank, but ‘‘just’’ a tank :smile:

Yeah, I think so too.
We need another sniper class, less mobile than Marquis, a lot heavier, but more efficient from distance and more powerful

Yes I agree Toby is more tanky but he definitely fits the description of a less mobile,heavy, powerful, and distance efficient sniper

Gosh I’m terrible at how to quote lol

It’s really fine! :slightly_smiling:
Well, Toby has some long range abilities, but I don’t know how much we can refer that as something that will meet the requirements for sniper class, because really, at the end of the day, it’s more of his mechanism to avoid close encounter with close-range characters, such as Pheobe or Deande.

Toby is really similar to Montana in that instance. He has the ability to kill people from distances, but he will prefer to stay close to some healer and push back the enemy team, rather than choose a point on the map and kill everything he sees. Sure, he can be a massive trap to the enemy team with his skills, but again, I can’t see how he is not a tank. In that subject, we need a character that is not heavy by his definition, but maybe his weapon will be less portable than Marquis cannon.

Well, we’ve got Thorn and Toby as well as Marquis. These 2 may not be considered “snipers,” but that are certainly long-range fighters. Besides Marquis, I don’t think we will see another “pure” sniper character.

You guys really never played ISIC? He is also a tank with a “sniper-like” gun that can be turned into a useless machinegun but his ability to overcharge and his overcharged shots give him a very good longrange option. Self tested he is badass. (back in the first technical test)

Whiskey Foxtrot seems to have a nice scope and some burst fire for long range damage.

ISIC and Kelvin, the newbie, are really similar to Toby in that instance. All three of them have some long range abilities, but again, at the end of the day they are more referred as ‘‘Tankers’’, while Marquis may be the only ‘pure’ sniper in the game. I think Gearbox took a little too much on the melee characters and less on the support and sniper classes, which can be used really wisely on the multiplayer scene.

I crave for another sniper class, and I’m hoping Randy is checking those threads… :pensive:

Thorn is pretty Sniper like…

Thorn can shoot clear across the playing field. Her abilities are fairly long range too.

Personally nether of the two “official” snipers (Marquis / Thorn) have my stile of sniping.

Marquis looks like the “trap” sniper where if anyone gets in your mid-range you have to slow / owl trap then run away to stay alive, that is cool for some people but not my stile.

Thorn is a raw damage sniper with a dot well and a cone shot, but 1/3rd of her screen is covered by her bow and her aimer is some custom wonky site line which kind of defeats the purpose of playing her as a “sniper”

What I would want to see for “My sniper” : Iron sites (from hip) / 2x-5x scope (hard aim) bolt action rifle (1 shot mag)

as for ‘abilities’ go I am thinking bunker wall possibly have it reflect a percentage of ranged shots back at attackers, Dot well / damage buff field and some sort of movement ability (teleport, jump back or any direction lunge).

then the passive be some sort of buff / debuff that increases your damage if you fire wile standing still but lowers your damage if your moving wile you shoot.

Does Whiskey foxtrot count as a sniper? Cause hes the closest think we (the rouges) got. He has a bunch of range.