Really?, I mean REALLY?

Decided to try out the Trial of Survival and see what all the fuss is about and…

Yeah nah, it’s a total joke on the player…when they say that GBX gave that Skag billions of health they weren’t kidding
It was a pathetic bullet sponge that is way more tanky than Hemevorous, tried it once, never again

By the way I was on Mayhem 1, using Mayhem 10 weapons and it still took 20 minutes to kill that thing. If it weren’t for jumping in and out of Moze’s armored tank thingy, I doubt I could have survived…I highly doubt this moronic trial can be beaten on Mayhem 6 or above

Once again GBX doing the lazy thing of just giving enemies billions and trillions of health, instead of making things fun and “different”

I won’t be back, and good riddance to that stupid Trial of SURVIVAL…I would rather face Hemevorous


Are you trolling? Yeah the event is a bit rubbish but its not hard to kill that skag. If i can do it anyone can, I’m not a good player and I’ve no problem at m11.

My issues are why would you want to for a lob and a lucky 7?


Reason to play: I might want to check the artifacts in the box at the end of the trial. And yes, it really feels ridiculously stupid. I went in with with the same things(Amara gun damage build and gear, mostly Monarchs) I used to kill Hemo on M11. First health bar depleted pretty slowly, but at least it was moving. Then the second health bar was refilled and no matter what I tried, it just said “immune”. I have to try again, I was in a hurry, but the sensation was not good at all. Indeed, you can already find youtubers who finished it, but they are not too happy either.

It will depend what elements the skag spawns in and what types of damage your items are dealing primary and secondary (not just the base element)

Like a revolter shield against the shock skag wont work, swap to an old god or something in a different element. Like I think I used rad one for that bit.

It saying immune will probably just be to part of the damage your dealing.

Zanes clone with sandhawk (mh10) and flaks peregrine build (mh11) managed it in under 5 mins here.

The big issue now, as has been mentioned, is that now there isnt much motivation to keep at it due to the choice of rewards from doing so, although given what the op said, am now intrigued to go in with moze and see if i have a similar experience.

The problem isn’t the event, in that situation.


Killed it on M10 with full pilot Moze and it took me around 2-3 minutes. Rewards are poop.

Just killed it with an action skill build Amara. Loot is crap. Also, as far as I understand, I should have gotten a lob and a lucky 7 even if I don’t have the DLC(non-usable lucky 7, but still dropped, to be used when/if you buy the DLC ). Well, I got two nice lobs instead, which I sold for cash, of course. Overall, not a good experience, won’t do it again.

I agree that this event is not a very good idea, it s not difficult to kill this skag with bloated hp just incredibly long and tedious ( I did it in m10 with Fl4k and Zane with Clone /drone ) with an ordinary build. So yeah I ll kill it one time with each character and call it a day.

Yeah i got 2 lucky 7’s this morning, no lob

no kidding. I’m an average player in terms of skill (i’m old (for a gamer) and my hand/eye coordination isn’t very good and it took me about 3 or 4 minutes. far easier than the raid boss b/c it’s just tanky–you’re not really at risk of going down.

I was happy to get the lob–I didn’t have any torgue weapons in my inventory and so I used it to get the weekly challenge of killing 250 enemies with a torgue weapon.

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I’m at a point where I never do anything in this game for the rewards and I’m just in for the actual activity itself, and this is just boring, just draws out fighting a single skag and nothing interesting is going on


I think it’s aimed more at people testing their op builds than long drawn out slogs

I tried it several times on my 1hp explodey Moze. First time it wasn’t too bad, seemed about half of what I’d have to do to take down a Hemo HP bar. The second time I couldn’t do anywhere near enough damage to hope to kill it before time would run out. Primary damage output is a cold Plaugebearer so ice/fire immune sucked hardcore. This is 20+ minutes of trying to take it out. For me at least it is completely dependent on what elements it becomes immune to. The rewards just aren’t worth it though, unless you really want those exact rewards (then maybe it is at best).

I tried it once on Mayhem 11 thinking why not. After over an hour, i was getting close to the halfway point of the first bar. My hands got tired from shooting and i left. Not worth the time if it just won’t die.

Seems like overkill just for a few item drops

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This is the main problem with it; I’ll probably spend a fair bit of time on it for the chest if nothing else after survival is done, but a bullet sponge plus immunity just kinda sucks, especially if it ends up being fire and you’re moze

You can always rely on Lazydata to find a solution - this one is very funny 4 Billion HP True Skag of Survival Without skill points, in 1 shot | Borderlands 3 - YouTube


Not so sure about that skag being tankier than Hemovorous as my FL4K got through the True Trial but couldn’t touch said Varkid.