Really need help getting this done

i cant beat the last boss on TVHM on Pre-Sequel alone ive tried and im out of money and ammo i know i can go fix that but ill just lose it all again
i really want to kill him so i can do my lvling on my own i did all sides and stuff but only got to 45
please idc if it s a few people my lvl that help me down him or a max lvl that one shots him at this point just please someone add
Reckless_X_Con on PS4 and help me please im going to be on all day today and i really want to finish this game thanks in advance

Hey I’m a Lvl 53 nisha. I can help with the sentinel if you still need it. I will be online around 7pm my time. It is currently 2:330pm here. Don’t know if we’re on different timezones or not