Really need some help with EOS

I can get him down to about 1/3 health and then my ffyl timer gets so short… got him to 1/4 once… i need someone to come and help, im a level 70 wilhelm. i always usually play everytihng sigleplayer, so as soon as hes dead can the person joining me leave. i need the loot as im only just lv 70 please dont take any of the loot. preferably someone with a high damage shock weapon would help :slight_smile: if you want to help i would be very grateful. just know this, when he is dead i would like you to leave straight away. i need the loot please dont steal loot .

My steam name is Screeno

you’re welcome

thankyou so much for helping

sorry i was like really freaky about it i just dont usually like to play with others, im a bit of a loner haha! but thankyou for helping me

Hey, I could use the same help. Any chance you could help me too please? Both TVHM and UVHM. Thanks!


Diogenes49 on steam, lvl 70 wilhelm

also einsehr I am a quiet introverted guy if you need a partner