Really Nice Idea to Steal From Overwatch

This isn’t a troll or a slight at Gearbox, promise.

Anyways, in the Overwatch beta if you are killed by an ultimate skill, a little modal popup comes up and tells you what killed you, and how you can counter it in the future. It made picking up and understanding the game pretty easy. It would probably be a good idea to have something like this for PvP. It can be extremely difficult to tell why you died or what abilities you need to watch out for from which characters.

Like getting shield stunned and then bashed to death or Boldurdash and then slow axed in the face. If you haven’t played every character you’ll have no idea what to dodge or look out for when fighting someone unfamiliar. This would be a nice workaround to that, I think.


Yeah, that could work well, after death tips.

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This already shows after you’re dead in the damage pop up by clicking R? on it for PC to look at the skills that killed you. I’m not sure whether they let you read what each ability does though.

I agree. That would definitely help out the new players. Hopefully reduce the surrender rate. My fav part about overwatch is the play of the game. Except battleborn is still the best game.

This mechanic is already in the game on xbone you just click X while waiting to re-spawn and it tells you what abilities killed you and how much damage they dealt to you, the only difference is they don’t tell you how to counter it


Would be nice of the game told you this feature was present

Just getting a damage listing doesn’t always help let you know how you died, a bit of extra info about the skills that hit you and tips to avoid them would definitely be nice for new players but considering how many abilities are in the game not including helix options I can see how that would be a pretty big project. Just doing ultimates would be more manageable I suppose. I also wish the current damage listing showed how much damage each source of damage did in how much time, it only displays the total time for all sources which is really unhelpful when it tells you it took 15 seconds for you to die.

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Yea im not disagreeing but just pointing out that something very close is already in the game and it helps


Completely misread the title and thought it said “Really nice that they stole from Overwatch”.

Anyways with that out of the way, I completely support this idea. Maybe we’ll get less complaints about Dreadwind if this was added into the game.

Guess I’ll start

Rath has a pretty nasty weakness to slow effects. Since speed is literally his only method of escape, and his only tool for chasing enemies down, slowing Rath can put him in a really bad spot. Accelerators can be extremely useful against him because of this, so don’t be afraid to sit nearby one if your feel like an enemy Rath is nearby.

Quick melee, while it won’t completely solve your problem, can at least stall out Rath for a few seconds so that your silence can wear off. If a Rath does sneak up on you, anything to stall him is important.

One of Rath’s best weapons is stealth, so if you see him running around the map, notify your team immediately. You can place a maker on enemies in your crosshair by pressing C on PC (no idea what it is with a controller so if anyone wants to add on to this feel free) which can completely ruin his chance for a good ambush.

Guess this ended up becoming more of a how to beat Rath in general post rather than a how to beat his ult one, but the principals remain mostly the same. If anyone wants to add on to this or tell me how much of a loser I am and point out everything wrong with my post, by all means, go ahead.

Like others said it already does exactly what you’re describing with the only difference being that it doesn’t give you a tip (you can press R on PC to see exactly what abilities did the most damage, who you got knocked up/stunned/other status effects’d by, etc). I do think adding post-death tips would be nice, though.

Did like this feature in over watch.

Can you copy a feature like this?

They can copy - I can’t remember which game did it, but if you died to the same thing twice, it told you what you were doing wrong. So it’s not a unique thing. Pretty sure it we an rpg, but the concept is what matters.
Also, a description of the moves would be good, so that you don’t have to play every character to learn the moves. Not an issue for me., I play a pathetic amount (almost 100 :)) but would definitely help the nooblets who are used to shooters, not mobas.

I agree, however people should be focused on completing the match objectives rather than killing other players.

Many people are already in the belief that Battleborn is a Team Deathmatch game and we don’t need any more of those! :wink:

Can we not copy this. While playing the Overwatch beta this was the most annoying part of it to my friends and I. Like every single time you died it would give you a useless tip like “Don’t stand still when there are snipers around” or “Keep moving when so and so is nearby” Like really THANKS GAME, and worst off you couldn’t turn the tips off, so it gelt like that game is mocking you.

You want to copy something from overwatch, copy the fact that they color coded enemy and friendly attacks. I know we have that very nice and noticeable circle thats color coded on the leftover aoe effects, but in a lot of maps and the heat of the moment it is VERY hard to tell who’s attack it is. Team colored effects would make it MUCH easier to notice what to avoid and what not. That was one thing we did like about Overwatch. Oh its a red shadowfire pillar thats the enemies, oh that fire grenade from Oscar Mike is Blue so I can walk on it. It would especially be nice when you have two of the same characters in a match.


With ttk being fairly long and most people able to retreat from one on ones cause of death is usually more intangible. Often the real cause of death is something like taking minion damage early game along with the fight, not watching the map to see if you are being outnumbered, or allowing an enemy to free farm and gain a 3 level lead on you. At least in meltdown this seems to be the case.