Really sick of boss Nerfs

The bosses in the game are becoming laughably easy. These people complaining about how hard X boss is, really should just switch their difficulty to easy mode if you ask me. Hivemind is a joke now barely has any health. Katagawa Ball is actually an easy boss if you use a corrosive weapon to remove the armor (his only real defence) and dont stand in the open like that psycho who chopped off both his legs with an empty shotgun on a moving target.

These are “BOSSES” they are not supposed to be basic bitch enemies you farm 8x in a 30 minute period for loot. They are supposed to fight back and be a threat with loot being the reward. I never had any issue fighting the bosses in fact i felt they needed buffs, but people just want easy access to loot without any of the work it seems.

It’s sad that the only threat most of these bosses in game pose is on mayhem mode now when you get bad modifiers for the fight such as weakened guns or corrosive damage vs Geniviv & Katagawa Ball

The story is already pretty lack luster dont take the fun outta fighting bosses too!!! I understand this is a looter shooter but the loot means a whole lot less when it’s spoonfed to you like a toddler.


i kinda agree with this, i barely have issues on mayhem III (when i dont get mods that make me a wet noodle with a pea shooter), only boss i ever had issues with period, was agonizer 9000 granted i had a substandard shield at the time but most enemies i dont even need my iron bear or even grenades

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The “easier” difficulty doesn’t really seem all that easier.

And have there really been many significant boss nerfs so far? I don’t recall them being prevalent in the patch notes.

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  • Adjusted the balance of Gigamind, Katagawa Ball, and Billy the Anointed

These three boss fights had concerns with their health and shields that made their combat loops more difficult than we intended. Gigamind had a little too much health, so that was reduced slightly. Katagawa Ball will no longer regenerate its shields; we found that while players contended with the adds during the fight, it would unfairly regenerate its shield, negating the players’ progress. Finally, Billy had 25% of his health removed; we agree that this fight often dragged on needlessly. We will be monitoring each of these bosses and may make further adjustments in the future.

from oct 3rd.

Killavolt got sledgehammer nerfs too. There’s more but its hard to find the notes that arnt the most recent and i just got someone in my game so i cant snoop around anymore. Graveward is like the only one who got any buffs

billy the annointed was hard?

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Killavolt had a broken mechanic fixed, which seems fair enough. All the ones you mention aren’t really end game bosses though - they’re more on the Lee-Boll-Mortar-Henry-Saturn-Bunker scale than true raid boss territory.


Billy the annointed had issues with if the fight took too long/you died too many times he would teleport to other parts of the manor, so they may have nerfed him to prevent that

Whoa, some of those bosses don’t fit. I had a hell of time sometimes with saturn and bunk3r.

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I believe that people who can farm bosses quickly already have decent weapons.

Graveward took me a while until I got a Lyuda with x2 damage and annointed to have 50% more damage on action skill end. Now it takes me less than 30 seconds at best.

The problem lies with scaling. Bosses are scaled to level and not how powerful the weapons are. So characters with stronger weapons will have an easier time.

BL3 should have more difficulty options (with matching rewards) so bosses are still a challenge as players move up the difficulty ladder. Diablo 3 has 20 difficulty selections and a grinding process to level up the weapons so each move up is challenging yet still rewarding.

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It depends very much what level you take them at. Takes me a while in NVHM, but my level 72 Maya can melt Bunker in very short order. Even in TVHM, some characters can burn down the flying bot way faster than others.

Which is an important point - we are still in vanilla game with a level 50 cap at this point.

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So not really that many, and not very significant for the most part.

I can say that I had to outlevel the ball by a fair amount yestreday before I was able to beat it. Killavolt, too.

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lol i love it. I just spent 10 minutes fighting the agonizer 9000 with underpowered gear and zane who is not a great fighter for him. I was with someone too who died 3x and i never respawned once and purposely avoided the crit spot for laughs. This game can be fun when your not trying one shot everything into a red mist

also completely shot off the bandit mask for fun in case there was some achievement with it… no there was not.

Why should the 3 bosses OP mentioned be harder? They drop for crap anyway compared to graveward or slaughter shaft. And these are story bosses not real bosses. Bl2 was the same story bosses were a joke. I do think tvhm should of been harder but it really wasn’t in bl2 either wasn’t till uvhm that difficulty got decent. But i agree nothing should be nerfed ever in borderlands. Boss too hard? Buff items. Boss too easy? Buff boss.
Also those bosses easy in full legendarys and all your skills but they designed to be done while leveling up when you in mismatch blues/purps and lower level.

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Thats not the point of the boss. The loot is just a reward u get for completion. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s crap but the purpose isnt to make them so easy you can wipe the floor with em in 3 minutes. Bosses are supposed to be the abnormality from the countless minions and grunts you kill for a fun and challenging fight. Take that away from them and all they are is a fancy named cannon fodder. You would think in a game where you gather items your end goal would be to put your gear and skills to the test against tough foes, not just hoard everything you can find and stockpile as much as you can. There’s no point in good weaponry if your not gonna have thing to use it on. Yes Mayhem mode can provide world altering variety but that doesnt mean the main portion of the game has to be a cakewalk either. Thats like nerfing the bosses in a megaman game because your not trying to find a bosses weakness or attack style to use against them and complaining the game is too hard and it’s a bad boss.

I definitely laughed when I heard they nerfed Gigamind of all things. I don’t know, I guess some people struggle with different things. And apparently enough people who complained to where they made these changes. :rofl:

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I think a big problm with it is you got these people who are just sprinting through all the enemies to just reach the objectives and because of that they get no loot spawns in between bosses really and they are severely outgunned. Happens every damn time I go into the guts of carnivora with someone. Im blasting my way through all the tinks and badass, and I’m just watching their cursor climb higher and higher until they Pain & Terror. I hoenstly dont think i have had one person fight with me in the co-op style your supposed too in Carnivora without me kicking em and telling them to not sprint through. Drives me nuts. I can understand if were lvl 50 on Mayhem mode doing something like that but level 10-30, jeez kill some bad guys and enjoy the fricken game some. Why are you even playing co-op if your not gonna kill as a team.

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Haha I got that killavolt bug. When he energise the floor everything lit up. I was hopping around like a jumping bean. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Somehow but some strange luck I survived and managed to kill him.

Yeah I don’t play public anymore but I always hated that when I did. Super annoying.

I think there are also a lot of people who are just genuinely not good at the game. And by no means do I think I’m some elite gamer, but it’s true.

I’ve been playing a little with one of my IRL friends, he played a bit of BL1 and 2 but he just doesn’t really know what he’s doing. I’ve tried explaining gear, matching elements, etc but he still struggles with a lot of stuff.

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It’s funny i used to think those Marcus Weapon Demo sidequest were pointless and meant nothing. But in BL3 it seems 1/4 people have absolutely no clue how apply elements. I’ll even admit I’m not too sure exactly when the right time is to use Radiation, but the way i’ve seen it Radiation doesnt seem to be a weakness at all its whole gimmick is the person you effect becomes walking splash damage for you. Maybe if they had marcus take some of these newbies to the shooting range to test out his guns after you put out the fires it would help people who are struggling a bit more.

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My son is into World of Warships. Judging by his outbursts while playing I get the impression that “being not good at the game” is a pretty widespread phenomenon.

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