Really? Still nothing? (please read)

So after hours upon hours upon hours (at 101 hours right now) there is one class that has been broken without much talk about it. Kelvin.

I am surprised to see so little about this character! Every round I play on Incursion when there is a Kelvin on the enemy team, my whole team agrees that his Sublimate is over the top strong.

Sublimate is a skill that makes Kelvin invincible, starts recharging his shields, makes him move faster, deal small amounts of AoE damage, and the worst part… stuns every target he comes in contact with for 2 seconds.

Let’s do a side by side by side analysis with Kelvin’s Sublimate and the ultimates of Galilea and Deade, the two skills most closely tied to the effects of Sublimate.

Each effect will have a - or a + to indicate if the skill effect is better or worse than Kelvins sublimate.

Let’s start with Galilea:

Invulnerability: - (Galilea is NOT unvulnerable while in her Ult form)
Damage over time: + (Galilea does do a small amount more damage over time to players within the vicinity)
Speed Boost: - (Galilea does not gain a speed boost in her Ult form)
Time in skill: - (Galilea is in her Ult for 4 seconds, idk what Kelvins time is, and I heard he has a Helix that can make it longer, but I know for a fact his Sublimate lasts longer than 4 seconds)
CC: - (Galilea does not stun in her ult, let alone stun any number of enemies. Even her shield lob will stun only one target.)
Shield Charge: - (galiea does not charge shields)
HP Regen: + (Galilea gains 250 HP over time, which can be taken away if still being attacked.)

Everything about this skill is better than Galilea’s ultimate. Only exception is the 250 HP regen and a small amount of damage.

Now Deande’s Ultimate:

Invulnerability: - (Deande’s actual character model dissapears from view, but can still be hit while using her ultimate)
Damage over time: + (It’s a small area, but the damage provided is greater)
Speed Boost: - (You cannot move while charging the Ult (which is ridiculously long btw…) and you cannot move while performing the ultimate)
Time in skill: / (This doesn’t really matter… but Deande is in her ult for roughly the same amount of time or less)
CC: + (Deande’s Ult is not damage based but CC and battle flow based, as such her stun is incredibly long.
Shield Charge: - (Nothing is gained from activating this ultimate)
HP Regen: - (Nothing is gained from activating this ultimate)

As you can see, this one skill is better than 2 other characters Ultimate. The skill is on a much lower CD and easily CCs an entire team. Deande’s Ult is very hard to land, especially on every single member of the opposing team, where as Kelvin just controls his ball of invulnerable ice particles.

The Skill is incredibly Overpowered for PvP.

My suggestions? I have several, and would highly suggest most if not all are made.

  1. Skill ends when you CC a single target.
  2. Vulnerable to damage still, no damage reduction.
  3. No speed boost. Or if speed boost is still there, no CC ability at all, and no invuln, maybe small small small damage reduction.
  4. He has a Helix option for slow effects instead of stun, maybe make this defualt and with no option to do stuns instead.)

In regard to option 4, I have seen several Kelvins spec the slow either on accident or experimentally and suddenly, Kelvin just became a tank with an annoying slow and the easiest Get Away skill ever… but not something that singlehandedly won a match for the enemy team with constant easy stuns.

This is my rant, glad you read it all. Please let me know if you agree or disagree. But if you disagree I will disregard any arguement saying its balanced :3 Fair warning…

You cannot compare ults of different characters…these are unique characters that in no way mirror one another, making it completely apples to oranges.

Also sublimate is not an ult ability, the stun is not 2 seconds it is 1.5, it does not start kelvins shields to charge. That is his passive…he gains a temporary 60 power shield…hardly good, and it hardly does any damage (67), and finally it only lasts 3 seconds, with a considerable cooldown (24sec IIRC) also kelvin cannot do anything else while in that form so the stun is basically useless for him to take advantage of.

Also take into account that Kelvin only has one real damage ability…his ult does no damage, sublimate does less than 100, the only thing he has is melee attack and chomp.

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Good to know the level of dialogue to expect from you.

And now I know you have absolutely no eye for balancing at all. Do you only play Capture? Do you know just how many useless targets Kelvin could accidentally bump into and end his 30 second cooldown escape option?

Here’s a thought.

Go play Kelvin for at least 10 matches. Come back and tell us Kelvin doesn’t deserve a skill with the utility of Sublimate.


In my opinion Sublimate is the only good skill Kelvin has and you want to nerf it? ■■■■ that.

The problem with Kelvin is combos. So you stun someone with Sublimate then what? By the the time you gain your bearings and chomp finishes it’s animation (and in my case usually misses), everyone is long gone or shooting at you. Then it’s 8 seconds of an average primary attack until you get it again.

Don’t even get me started on his ultimate…

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"Fair warning"
So, you warned us that you’re not open to a discussion, or an exchanging of ideas… while on a forum… a place dedicated to discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Well, don’t be surprised when no-one agrees with you.
Fair warning.


Hmm… have any of you looked at him in a team setting? What happens when you stun an entire team? Oh right, they all die.

You guys keep fan boying over your main.

SO you want us to believe that Kelvin activates sublimate…hits 5 players in 3 seconds. After hitting each person who is stunned for 1.5 seconds each, they all die?

I call BS. I would go so far as to say this has never happened. You clearly don’t understand Kelvin, or his abilities since you were wrong about every single aspect of Sublimate. It seems your problem is you have not taken the time to understand the game and its mechanics. I suggest you spend a little more time practicing and reading, and a little less time making such outlandish posts.

Kelvin is very hard to kill because of his mobility, the invulnerability and speed boost, but the game isnt about killing enemy Battleborn, it is about objectives. When Kelvin runs away your’e free to continue to handle those objectives.


Lots of folk getting personal already.

Please don’t.


Have you tried PC? It happens with one out of every 2 Kelvin I run across.

Man I hate going to the forums because the community here is just so much different than the one ingame. You say something is broken while ingame and the whole team agrees with you. You say something is broken on the forums and everyone defends it like GBX makes no mistakes in their games…

  1. I play Incursion almost exclusively.
  2. I have played him, and while I do feel he is almost a 1 trick pony with the skill, I also feel the skill is incredibly unbalanced in it’s current state.

No one else has a multi stun that isn’t tied to their Ultimate (Deande and Ambra). Lumberjack Dash will multistun if you knock the player into another player, but it stops at 2. Same with Boldurdash. They are also skills with a delay and no control in direction after it was used. They don’t provide invulnerability. And they provide much less mobility.

There, compared it to two skills now. Now will you look at it objectively? And in regard to the guy who said it is apples and oranges… yes… it is. And that was the point I was trying to make. The skill is almost an ultimate in itself.

That’s not a true statement at all. One, he can rarely ever stun the whole team. Two, the enemy team is not gonna have time to kill your whole team in two seconds (also, you all wonnt be stunned at the same time).

Now going back to an earlier statement about him being invulnerable, that is also not true. He can be CCed while in sublimate, ending it automatically. Any CC other than slow will end it.

His sublimate is also kind of wonky when you run into a wall; he can’t turn around for some reason.

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That’s because you steer it oddly, you can’t turn with your movement controls, you can only go forward and backward on them, and you have to steer with your look controls. The sudden change can make it really hard to aim.

I think it’s really funny when someone accuses me of a character being my “main” when I’m so spread out over every character that I don’t even know which one I’ve played the most lol

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Ah I see. Thanks for the info!

Let’s have a discussion about your nerf propositions. Please be receptive.

That won’t work because sublimate is his only escape, and he is not tanks enough to survive without it.

(Idk how to quote multiple stuff on my phone)
2 won’t work for the same reason, it’s his only escape and he’s not tanky enough. And again, HE IS NOT INVULNERABLE HE CAN BE CCed. That is very important to countering him.

3 the speed boost isn’t really OP because sublimate only lasts 3 seconds, and if Kelvin is in a situation where he needs to run away his sublimate wont always get him to a 100% safe situation, even with the speed boost.

4 well idk what else you’d put into the helix in place of the stun. Maybe an explosion at the end of it.

I liked what somebody said earlier about the game not being about player killing it’s about objective killing.

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In the interest of fair discussion, Kelvin can stun plenty of targets given enough proximity once he’s taken the helix upgrade to extend Sublimate’s duration for every major target hit. It’s still risky because the further he has to chase, the more danger he’s in.

That said, this means teams need to adjust their game plan based on who they’re playing against, same as any other character. If someone can punish you for clustering together - stop clustering together. No Kelvin will chase too far with Sublimate because as you know it’s his method of escape. The only ones this leaves out in the cold are healer + tank pairs, but a stun as a counter to them isn’t exactly unique to Kelvin.

Kelvin’s a Controller, you want to cripple or entirely take away his only real control move - Ice Wall sure isn’t good enough by itself.

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Wow. Could you turn that down a little? Loudest text I ever did see here.

I’m going to throw my quick little 2 cents in here. I like Kelvin. He is a good tank with great utility. I believe (personally) he is at a perfect place currently. I find decent challenge fighting others as him and fighting him as others. I do not believe he needs to be tampered with such as other characters might.

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10 hours and still no forum warrior who shares my concern.

I can tell one of you is a console user, since you talked about the move controls. If you played PC, it is EXTREMELY easy to aim him.

Kelvin can have 2.5-3k+ HP, that is almost 2k more than my average characters I play… but he needs an Invuln over the top escape that can also be used to allow your team to do a rush tactic not even Deande’s Ultimate can allow unless in super ideal situations?

Please don’t go on about how this game isn’t about killing… it is entirely about killing. Because when the Battleborn are away, the objectives are ready to be taken. When you have a tank that can’t die because of an easy, fast moving escape that also stuns and can be used offensively more effectively than anyone else, it makes for a very boring and irritating match. I HATE playing against Kelvins because they will always run the moment their HP is at maybe half, or they will stun most of the team or all of the team allowing the enemy team (I’ll use your number) 1.5 seconds of time to freely destroy you. Even if it is broken up and players are stunned with small delays between eachother, it will normally start with the person closest to the enemy team, then the next, and the next. Kelvin has plenty of HP to be able to run like a normal after he finishes stunning everyone he can see.

Kelvin can have 4k HP but he’s still pretty squishy. I struggle playing with him against comps with small fast characters like orendi, thorn, or even melka, and God please don’t get me started with playing against miko. And most teams have at least one if not two of these characters.

Ok, the game is about killing if it is worth it. A kill is not always worth it when you’re being greedy, or if you’re team is still not able to push after that kill.

Yes I’m a console player but I don’t see at all how that makes a difference. I’m not saying his sublimate is hard to aim, but if you by chance get stuck on a wall because you suck like me, it’s hard to get out. However, that issue has been solved by VOLUM3’s info.

He’s not terribly fast when he isn’t sublimating, even if he hit them with the stun, Kelvin trying to sprint out will get body blocked by anyone faster than him, get CC’d and die.

I am still going to recommend you put more time into playing Kelvin, his weaknesses are manifold and if you can’t see them then you need the perspective change this would provide.