Really Terrible Attitudes in Game

So I don’t know why, but 9/10 Miko players are just the worst people. You ask them for healing and then they bitch at you and tell you you’re an idiot. Then you’re at 200/2000 health and look to your right, they’re throwing kuni at minions. So you go back to cover and type, “dude can I get some heals? We need to push”, and then a response of “stfu I’ve been healing” is usually given.

Anyways after a bit more banter, the Miko says he won’t heal you anymore, so in an effort to help humanity you drive to their house and castrate them.

Anyone else noticing this? I’m not exaggerating when I say 9/10. I don’t know why people play Miko and then don’t heal anyone, and then when their team is frustrated and typing in chat “■■■■■■■ heal me!”, they get extra ■■■■■■.

-----> Another fun bit that’s not Miko related.
Here’s a screenshot right before we lost

They blamed me for losing the sentry. When I died for the first time, it took 30 seconds for me to respawn. In that 30 seconds our sentry went from 100 to 0 health. And they blamed me. I know it’s a competitive game and people tend to get nasty in those, but this is perhaps the worst I’ve ever seen it. Maybe the high TTK and the small teams makes it more personal.

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I can understand this sentiment. That sucks that you’re running into rotten healers.

Conversely, though, having played healers in multiple games I think healers get blamed for a lot of stuff, too.

I play Miko all the time and I always try to heal the TEAM - not just stay attached at the hip on a Montana, etc. Though I will heal whoever is getting hurt most consistently if need be.

Sorry about this but just try to rest assured not all of us fungal folk are the same! :mushroom:

P.S. What platform are you playing on out of curiosity?

The most toxic one of course! PC!

I totally agree that medics get blamed A LOT for stuff that isn’t their fault.

Ouch. Yeah, sometimes PC players are very ill-tempered.

I am on PC, also. You can PM me for a STEAM add if you’d like a healer every now and again. :slight_smile:

Don’t exaggerate because you had 1 bad experience with another player. 10/10 Mikos do heal. It’s primarily all we can do. I play Miko and what we can’t do is heal everyone that needs it right away. If you are frustrated because you are having bad experiences queueing solo with no help I’d suggest grouping with friends. Or play Miko and heal your team if you feel it’s important.

i really understand what you mean i’ve been playing on XB1 and its like that but not THAT bad maybe like 3/10 or 4/10 i hope it gets better for you

That’s why I try my best to not rely on healers, I hate the attitude. I know that’s not always possible, but if I can avoid it, I will.

Dude I’m not exaggerating. It’s 9/10 for me. “Or play Miko and heal your team if you feel it’s important.” I get told this all the time. This is SUCH a dumb argument. I’m not playing Miko because I’m good at pushing and murdering things. It’s not my role on a team as is. Why is it suddenly my responsibility heal others when I’m already doing other jobs? I hear this argument all the time and it makes no sense whatsoever.

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I´m sorry to hear that you had such bad Mikos, so far we had only nice healers in random missions. I think its great you ask a Miko-player first if he wants to play full-heal or not, its really sh+t behaviour to answer with a “screw yourself”…
(On the other hand I think in PvP Mikos should heal, even if its just a bit. In PvE its situational)

We had only Marquis that were real fusterclucks, never revived anyone, never used skills and left the game after 5mintues in 5/6 times we had a Marquis on board -.-

Take a look at how much healing they gave during the match in your match history and report back, if you please.

Also, I can’t help but wonder if the manner in which you asked wasn’t a bit more aggressive than that.

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if it makes you feel better, yesterday i played the overwatch beta. they say "we need support or tank"
i was planning to use widowmaker, im good with her. so, people gets disconnected, but as matchmaking Works now, you get into the same groups over and over (if they are all the same level and they hadnt blocked you).

support or tank or gtfo

okay, i get bastion.

long stories short, i get a 35 kill streak and we won the match.
then at the voting screen, they all downvoted me.

because defenses only defend, not attack. like. wut?

sound more like “u stole my killz, b1tch” than “you didn’t defended me and i got killed”

further more, at the end of the match everyone saying GG gg gg GG gg GG GG. so im guessin they were all Friends.

anyway, back into battleborn.

im ok with mikos that do not heal if they are pushing and winning terrain and we are minutes away from winning, but those kind of attitudes got me into playing story mode instead.


you don’t imagine the ammount of trouble i’ve been having for that mindset.
“you are miko and you should heal. that’s it.”

so, im not into multiplayer anymore.

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Sorry to hear that, really.

I think people shouldn’t DEPEND on others to heal them. Most characters have decent survivability (and a base teleport :slight_smile:).

That being said, it’s sad for me to see people opting out of certain game modes due to some pretty lame people. There’s no real way to mod in-game activities in BB (that I am aware of) in terms of behavior so it runs more rampant.

Either way, all I can really say is not all PvP players are bullies. It’s like the saying says though, “Squeaky wheel gets the grease.” The louder, rude, negative, more obnoxious people are the ones that get noticed and remembered.


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I feel like the people you are referring to are low level and don’t know the game. I’ve never been in a game where a Miko didn’t heal when I asked for it. So for me this whole 9/10 is exaggerated.

Edit: I also didn’t mean to reply to ZombieGuy this post is not directed at him.

i asked the miko to heal me because he was doing dps :frowning: he said if i ‘got good’ i wouldnt need healed, im the tank ><

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If people aren’t willing to play the character as intended (support/healer) then they should play a different class.

My 2 cents.


Welcome to the the jolly world of MOBAs. Every single one of them is notorious for having a toxic community, and this one will be no different.

That is surprising. I have only run into a few Miko’s that focused more on damage then healing. Though I usually play Miko myself since it seems like nobody wants to play support, it can be tough though as others have said as Miko can really only heal one person at a time.

no its not toxic there is alot of good and amazingly nice people here

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I’ve run into a few Mikos who refuse to heal, even in PvE (until they unlock the ult so they can can fire & forget), like they’re trying to see how much damage he can do. Just pick a dps character so we aren’t fooled into believing we have support.

I ran into a Kleese player in PvE who spent every game trying to outdamage everyone else & only keep himself from dying, so he would just camp a corner w/ a rift network underneath of him & leave everyone else to their fate. You had to run & find wherever he was camping to get your shields back up - unless you’re fighting a major enemy or boss, only THEN would he put rifts up, under the boss, blocking your movement, so he can get more damage on them. And the guy was super smug despite being completely unhelpful, talking trash when ppl died & being like “lol I’m outdamaging you as kleese.” That’s ALL he was doing - he was the only support and ppl were dying too often, and he says stuff like “have you never played before? you’re supposed to just duck your head out & get back into cover” to a team w/ several melee characters.

Some PEOPLE are just toxic. It’s not the game or the community, it’s humanity, ego, & the nature of competition. Ppl w/ horrible personalities, entitled, arrogant, abrasive & antisocial, are gonna be just the same no matter who they play. I just wish they wouldn’t pick support characters.

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