Really want a level 53 shrediffier :(

Any tips or tricks or farm suggestions other than ridiculous Titan at end of the hardest Circle of Slaughter ?

I love my non elemental double barrel Shreddifier but have given up a long time ago of even seeing one. They used to world drop all the time for me up until the dedicated loot drops were added .

Any tips would be really appreciated. Thank you!

I have this one if your on Xbox

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I am in the same boat. It feels like the shredifier is one of the rarest world drop weapons out there for me.

That’s just RNG in a nutshell. Keep on farming whatever boss you can kill the quickest and you should eventually get one.

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I’ve killed Graveward hundreds of times, no luck :frowning:

Thanks buddy…ps4 unfortunately:(

Kill Graveward 100 times get 40 legendary, half of those will be a skin you’ve seen every day, twice a day. Skip that farming poo. Go kill random stuff and enjoy the game using the random stuffs.

I’ve done that so much I’ve literally had every single legendary drop a dozen times over …except a Shrediffier after the dedicated loot patch. Before that patch I had like 5 or 6 world drop

I got a level 53 shreddifier with ASE accuracy and handling on PS4 if you want it

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I just got one, I’m on PS4 as well. Let me know if you want it.

Saikoh23 if interested.

You guys are so awesome. I owe you guys .

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Heh anyone got a cryo one for my zane ?