Really wish regular arrow kills in air counted for Spry Sprite and Spray

Its harder to do and yet I do this many more times then I have gotten kills with volley. I dont get how it doesnt count. Volley u get a spread regular shot its just one. That should count!

Only advice I can offer is just don’t ever use volley until they’re at almost no hp… I straight up stopped attacking in team fights and waited for low hp players running out, also if you have the mutation for volley to buff it’s damage by 66% but reduce the arrows to 3, that seemed to help me a lot

Just play at short range, and save volley for enemies that are at low health. I was able to get it in my first 5-6 matches playing thorn.

I’ve actually had a painful time doing this challenge, but here are some things I can can share (if it helps others)

Always look for the big characters. Toby, Montana, even Ghalt. Kleese is another good one, low health. Not ISIC, his shield may rebound them at you…ouch.

These charcters have good square shapes to hit, unlike little jumpin jacks like Orendi and Mico etc. Always hang back and wait till their health is gong down then run like hell at them - the closer you get the better chance of hitting ALL arrows on the target, so as long as their health is low enough then hopefully you get the kill.

On maps like Meltdown you have nice straight lane escapes, so enemy retreating up the lane are easier to hit. On Incursion try and stick to the side out of the way, pick your target then close in when possible. Echelon is good for this because of the side alley and offset from the bridge allowing you not to be seen.

Try and pick players on the opposite team that don’t jump about too much. They make easier prey.

Montana. Is by far the easiest when new players are testing him out. If you get lucky, focus him the whole game. Too may new players think he’s a god like tank and just stand in the middle blazing bullets. I had 3 in one match with a few very close.

Kleese. Has low health and a great square shape. Take his shield off, then one good full arrow gets him down quick, get ready to chase. Easy from mid range like Montana.

Finally was able to do it. Somehow I got lucky and 5 in one match. And finshed the last 2 I needed in the next.

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