Really wish the Annointment event occurred after Zane patch :(

This week’s event for increased Annointed gear is great, but makes me realize all the more just how limited Zane’s options are. I am currently playing a generic Cryo build (no uber specialized gear to speak of), decent enough until I run into 3+ Cryo immune Annointed guys. Thing is, I don’t want to. The Cryo skills just aren’t interesting to me, but I don’t have a choice other than the super try-hard Kill Skill build (props to the folks who can pull this off consistently though). Hopefully when the big patch rolls out, Zane will have combo options that don’t all involve a required minimum 1/4 of the Barrier tree. At least I’ll have plenty of Cry gear to trade when it does.

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I respect that you feel there isn’t much variation in Zane’s kit, but honestly, he’s probably one of the most diverse and flexible character choices right now.

There are very viable cryo builds, builds that focus on action skill uptime, builds that focus on fast action skill triggering, high speed run and gun builds, sniping builds… even a grenade spamming build, and plenty else in between.

Not sure what it is that you’re looking for exactly, but you might find it worthwhile looking through some of the countless builds and threads posted in this section.

There’s a whole lot to choose from!


Exactly. My Zane is a shattered kneecaps and teleportation badass. Like, I love cryo weapons and damage for the fun of it, but have no points on barrier tree at all.

Anyways, the best way to run a CCC build that survives M3 Slaughter stuff is this.

Stop using cryo weapons. Get weapons with 50%bonus cryo on SNTL Anointments. And a cryo grenade. And brain freeze. Then have fire for anointed poops.


I disagree entirely and feel there is a ton of variation in Zane’s builds and that anointments take things even further.

I am honestly stuck between different things I want to play.

I haven’t found builds that work super well with normal bullet guns, but Zane with literally any projectile and the right stat items gets absurd.

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sorry, but this just sounds like you are limiting yourself.
Zane right now is in a good spot and you can play it any way you want with any skill tree and any action skill combination.
you just have to find a playstyle that suits you.
if you have problems you might just not have ideal gear for your build yet.
or if you have problems coming up with a build yourself maybe look at other builds and see if they work for you.

if you want to use a cryo build try using this:

for a infinite ammo lazy afk no aim no skill required easy game build try MY new build to clear all content in easy mode:

for more ideas just search the forum or youtube, there are many good, fun diverse builds out there