Really wish therw was a difficulty setting for bots

Private pvp would actually become a decent way to pass the time when the queues aren’t friendly. As of right now laying with 9 bots is just ridiculous, they tend to just stand in 1 spot not doing anything.

I understand that it shouldn’t be as viable a way to level and get credits as public versus but as it stands it doesn’t even feel like the same game… feels like you’re running around in a 3v3 match cause 2 bots on each team are standing in a corner lol.

Sorry for the rant, just something I’ve been thinking about.

I love when you get them down to nearly dead in either the mid thrall camp or near their thumper turret (after you’ve taken their first sentry and are camping in their heal station base). They enemy AI will literally run and stand up against the wall and do nothing.

Private PVP is the only time I get to play Capture… I feel your pain, the bots are horrible…

that’s funny. I was playing last night to try out rath. I was killed a number of times. Who do I see still sitting in the base? 2 players…2 effing robot players AFK??? how does that work? Two Isics just sitting there. Its not like they had just rezed either. I did about 20 seconds later and they were still sitting in there. LOL WTF is that!!!

At least the bots have an excuse. It’s worse when it’s an actual player just sitting in the deployment area cause they want the team to surrender.

I had one match where my team of randoms were going to face a 5 man premade. Two players quit right as the match was about to start.

Turned out that the pre-made team wasn’t that great. My 3 man team was able to hold them for about 15 minutes before one of our quitters returned and started spamming surrender. With about 5 minutes left they beat us.

So bots sitting around doing nothing isn’t too far fetched lol.

Don’t you see? They are exactly like real players. Ba-dum -TISS

One thing I wish they would do is force bot levels to stick close to the level of players.

Well, developing better AI for computer players would draw development resources away from other area of the game. AI for player characters, who have a lot of stuff going on, is really complicated, especially if you don’t want it to be instant “I win” (as aimbots demonstrate, it’s quite possible to have a computer never miss), which means it’ll take a good deal of effort and testing.

I’m not sure which development resources would be shifted over for the development of better AI (it’s all complex scripting, so maybe the content design guys, since they do the scripting for boss fights?), but it would come at the cost of something.

Private PvP with bots is, as I see it, just a target dummy set up to allow players to test numbers, theories, and check out what certain pieces of gear and helices do without having to gather said data in a public arena.

I play a lot of bot pvp when fiddling with new characters. Some bots are more effective than others because some abilities have less of a need to be used intelligently.

As I mentioned above, one of the biggest issues is simply out leveling bots in a way that won’t happen in real matches, scaling bot level with player level would help.

I’m also not sure if there’s any adjustment made for gear, since bots don’t seem to buy any. If there isn’t something in place already, they could give each bot a standard loadout and make it so they activate items as players do.

Those things won’t fix the AI, but I think they would make bot matches a bit better.