Reap New Rewards in Bloody Harvest Returns!

It’s that spooky time of year again, when vengeful ghosts possess corporeal beings across the galaxy and rakk-o’-lanterns terrorize the skies.

Yes, Bloody Harvest has returned!

This free limited-time event runs in Borderlands 3 until November 5. Get revenge on the fearsome Captain Haunt and his macabre minions in the pursuit of brand-new rewards.

To take part in this optional event, seek out Maurice aboard Sanctuary III. Your friendly Saurian shipmate will give you a mission to collect Hecktoplasm from the ghosts that spawn when you kill haunted enemies. These possessed punching bags bear a telltale green glow and can be found throughout the galaxy. And while you only need the base game of Borderlands 3 to participate, ghostly foes can also be found in DLC locations like The Handsome Jackpot, Xylourgos, Gehenna, and even Krieg’s Mind (DLC add-ons available for purchase separately). Killing haunted enemies spawns fearsome specters, which you’ll have to kill to collect that precious, precious Hecktoplasm.

Get enough ghost goo for Maurice and he’ll open a portal to Heck, the blood-curdling abode of Captain Haunt! There you’ll find challenges to complete to unlock new Bloody Harvest items. You can view these challenges any time via a special tab in your ECHO Device. You’ll also notice that Maurice is getting less demanding in his advancing age and has made a few returning challenges less grindy (thanks, Maurice).

Loot you collect in Heck scales to your level and may include powerful “Terror” anointments that turn would-be debuffs into boons. As a fittingly festive reward, you can unlock a host of cosmetics by completing challenges, including a weapon trinket, ECHO Device skin, a shared Vault Hunter skin, and—for the most dedicated demolishers of Heck—a coveted weapon skin.

4 Challenges Completed - “A Shrinking Feeling" weapon trinket
8 Challenges Completed - “Message from Beyond” ECHO Device skin
12 Challenges Completed - “Haunted Look” shared Vault Hunter skin
15 Challenges Completed - “Porphyrophobia” weapon skin

As with our other seasonal events, you have the option to opt in or out of Bloody Harvest Returns via the Main Menu. But if you want to show off some supernatural spoils to your fellow Vault Hunters, you’d do well to take part in the mayhem before it ends November 5!


Is “Ghoul Metal Grey” going to be available for those that missed out on the event because BL3 wasn’t released on Steam?


@Noelle_GBX With the announcement of vertical split screen will this fix the issues with the tiny unreadable text sizes and UI?

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So people who missed the first set are just SOL right now? I am all for adding a new set for people who did the first one but I feel like the people who missed it the first time around should have a change to earn these rewards.


Guys… I’ve been preluded regarding to cosmetics (at least who have been seeing my posts, they will know). Don’t know if anybody knows, but I’ve been out farming and making a list of cosmetic items and their drop places since 2019 November. I didn’t had this one coming. I don’t remember Gearbox getting out a full list about cosmetic rewards for any kind of DLC or event. But a big thank you for Gearbox for putting out all of this. Sincerely. Take these notes for granted guys for the new cosmetics. I’m taking my best shot to get you guys delivered everything about drop places, even last year Bloody Harvest cosmetic items. God bless you all :heart:


Are these terror anoints only for this even gear or do they also drop on already existing gear?

Wait do I understand this right that after going through all the hassle last year, this are all completely new rewards and I have to do the same ■■■■ all over again this year also?

God you are really desperate to keep us playing aren’t ya?

Of course the awesome map is also not staying and the time limit is now even 2 weeks less… and I don’t care if the challenges are not so horrendous grindy as last year some of us have other things they have to do or don’t want to spend every single second of their gaming time solely spend on Borderlands 3.

And of course no word on the Like,follow&obey heads&skins again. Or did they announce something on the Borderlands show, wasn’t that today?

Edit: Well the last tiers are new skins for sure so have to do everything anyway uuugh.

Edit2: Yep they‘re all new, even the shrunken head… it‘s more yellow instead of green this time? I don‘t know…

Edit3: Can‘t believe it this are really just colour swaps! In this case red for yellow, apart from that it‘s the exact same design (atleast for the echo theme and trinket).


Event shield is dropping unanointed :frowning:


Skins and trinkets. Right. You’ve lost your minds.

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They drop on vanilla gear as well (not sure about uniques/DLC items), but only while the event is active and until November 5th.

Let me know if I was clear enough or not.


I miss TK Baha. Why couldn’t they include him somewhere?


My XB1X still has the Terror annointment (even without the event) applied since this game has released, meaning that my console gets terrified of running this game and shuts down. Is there a weapon, shield, trinket, etc. that cancels this annointment that I haven’t found ingame yet?


That covers my question, thanks.

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2 Ghast Calls so far and no annoitments on M10. Also had the shield drop twice with nothing.

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Noelle, I played and played last year, wanted and never got , ghast call. Today, never even got thru the gates to heck and bam, there it was.
Went in at level 9 as we restarted from the beginning. It was a blast working against 13 and 14 level baddies. I think familiarity with the landscape helped.

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I don’t think they drop anointed

Found a cloning Ghast Call last night and OC it was unanointed.

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It seems Scream of Terror and Ghast Call do not drop anointed.

On a side note, are Terror anoints universal to gear? What I mean is like there are anoints where it can only appear on shields for example. Can every Terror anoint appear on any type of the gear?

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