Rearrange loadouts

I have a zillion loadouts… I’d really like to be able to rearrange their order without having to destroy and recreate 2 just to change their position in the lineup… super inefficient… anyone else??

@Jythri is this a thing I’m just missing?


…I hope it’s not easy because I just drag/dropped all of mine to reorder them.

R u on pc?

i think you can drag and drop gear only on pc, drag and drop doesn’t really work on a controller.

i totally agree on your point, though. i recently wanted to add a few loadouts since i purchased the last few loadouts. i ended up redoing almost all of them since just adding the new ones on the bottom would have made it super confusing. I am on PC so doing loadouts is rather fast, i guess it’s even more annoying with a controller.

…Yes, the Drag/Drop works well.

I’m PS4… it’s super inefficient lol. I mean it could be as simple as holding a button moving then releasing…


I’m on PS4 too. Not having a way to rearrange loadouts sucks. :cry: So if one was implemented, I’d be very grateful! Not being able to swap loadouts around has always been a big deal to me because I’m that person that has a strict order when it comes to how they’re displayed. I spend far too long redoing and renaming all of my old builds when I decide to add a new one in for a certain character or game mode. So something to make the reordering process a little faster would definitely help me out, and be appreciated.

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I’d love to be able to rearrange loadouts. I’d like to move the most used to the top, currently my loadouts are a little all over the place, but redoing 30 loadouts to move their positions would be a task I’m not too keen on doing.


Honesty there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to hold the touchpad to pick it up and then use the left stick to move the loadout to a new place in the order, and then release the touchpad to drop it…

We don’t support it now. Feature request noted, though.

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Thanks for the reply, here’s to hoping!