Reason i may not be buying this game

now let me start off by saying I found this game enjoyable, great humor, good characters, good character pool, and good voice acting.

but this game has issues, it is essentially a mix of moba and a FPS and while this can be a good thing, it has all of the moba issues. and while these issues can be overlooked in a moba they can not be overlooked with this game. the reason being that mobas are free to play and this one is not.

the issues I am referring to include match making. far to often I found myself in a game with unbalanced teams. I don’t know if it was because it was a beta but its in excusable to have 1 team with 2 level 5’s a level 12 and two people with levels in the 20’s vs a team of three level 1’s a level 10 and a level 6. there should be player brackets or something.

and that brings me to the second issue. this game can not be enjoyed to its fullest without a large player base. and with this game being 60-75 dollars you are asking us the consumer to take a very big risk here. again as I stated before moba’s have a similar problem but they are free to play and thus the risk is not as large.

third you need to do a better job of balancing the maps. if one team gets a good early start it is impossible to comeback and win. you need something that both teams can fight for that can either tip the balance of power temporarily for the losing team or guarantee victory for the stronger team so the match does not drag out. I played mostly the skirmish map (forget the exact game mode but it was the first of the two multiplayer maps) and all but 2 of the games were one sided, with the team to take down the first sentry winning, the two matches that did not end this way were one where the other team mounted a temporary comeback and at least managed to destroy our sentry ( by underhanded means) before we destroyed theirs and the other the time ran out with the score being 99-97 and this was do to my team mostly picking melee and the other team losing a player at the start.

that’s another issue players can quit the game with no penalty. that just needs to be fixed. I had to many games that were decided because someone quit early. you need either a drone system or some kind of bonus to even things out when this happens to keep the game competitive. I would even go so far as to suggest allowing players to come into the game to fill the vacated player if the original player does not return in 5 mins.

then their is the issues of the snipers. in several games I observed enemy snipers making hits on our sentry from half a map away allowing them to whittle down its health with no real way to stop them. I think you need to take a look at how some of the maps are built and make some changes.

finally you need something to educate players on proper team balancing. this is a problem with mobas as well but again they are free to play so it is more forgivable. here I kept having matches with multiple melee characters or support or tanks and no damage or any other role we or the other team needed filled and the games were one sided and not fun.

what is going to be the major decider in if I will be buying this game or not is going to be 3 things, how many of my friends leave smite and buy this game, how well Overwatch plays in comparison to this game, and how many people buy the game at launch. even if alot of people and my friends buy this game if the issues I have stated do not get fixed I may end up waiting for the game to either drop in price or goes on sale before I spend any money on it.

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Just want to mention that there was no match-making for the consoles during the beta.
For the PC they added a ‘Ranked’ match-making for the last day or so, just to test things out…but I’m on PS4 so I don’t know how well that worked.

It looks as if they are trying to decide what sort of match-making options to give, while still keeping queue times as low as possible. There have been a lot of suggestions from having a party vs. non-party mode, ranked with map specific, ranked with map vote, ect.

I’m sure they’ll analyze the data they got from the Beta and put forth their best effort when the game launches…and if it’s isn’t good enough I’m sure they will make the necessary tweaks.

As to the players quitting the match…yeah it was really frustrating. But this was a beta and they probably decided that getting data was better then forcing long time-outs from people quitting. This has been a common complaint and I’m sure they will do something about those who are quitting. Also keep in mind, because it was a free beta are going to be more willing to quit. You probably will in general see less of it for people who have bought the full-priced game.

As to team compositions and things like that, it has already been mentioned quite a bit that the game would benefit greatly from some sort of tutorial, so hopefully they can find a way to implement that…though I have not heard their thoughts on whether they plan on putting time into the creation of such.

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If GB added some kind of bracketed matchmaking the last day for PS4 it didn’t work. Played a match with myself (65), a 100, and our lowest was 28 I think vs a team with their highest being 12.

I think most people have realized the problems with the two modes available and I believe GB will make appropriate fixes.

As far as team comp, I don’t think there’s much you can do. Played a match where an enemy Marquis just ran past our first sentry and was destroying our turrets or trying to get players to chase him. Worked for a minute then he just stayed dead pretty much. Not great team play.

sounds like pice is your biggest concern, yet you’ll throw down full price for overwatch with no hesitation? the content in this game is rediculous: nothing else on the market compares. battleborn is testing this 80$ full price game, and even stingy ole me is a believer. it’s not a free to play game. there is a grind with every character to uncover this rich universe and interact across game modes. this is smite arena and conquest and overwatch payload and gigantic charm and more. the price is a steal imo, and i’m not just saying that because i preordered with best buy xmas gift cards. but if your friends arent instantly hooked on this perspective of something they dig, thdn you need new friends amigo. and that’s another thing, in no game have i played have i had so many party invites or felt like chat was actually helping us succeed. batteborn is one of a kind.

first I never said that I would put down money for overwatch. right now this game is setting itself up to go up against overwatch but just like with this game I will wait to play the beta that comes out in may before I make any decision. but the reason I am leaning more toward overwatch is that as it stands now it may be offering something that is different from this game (an updated team fortress two design).

and second this game is not a steal. the lore you have to grind for rather then at least part of it being provided, the skins are only a re-coloring of the starting skin, and again it has a lot of issues and its a big gamble to take. with moba’s you take the same gamble but only with your time, money is optional. here I would be taking a risk .

third, I would suggest you keep your nose out of who is my friend and who is not, that’s a line you should not cross.

if you are a stranger to getting party invites or having party chat be the difference between victory and defeat then you have never played a moba before or any squad based shooter. the game while interesting is only unique in the way it combines the different elements of already existing genre.

and your right price is an issue because while the game was fun, I did not see enough with this beta to pull me from smite, which I am heavily invested in, and immediately shell out 60 to 75 dollars for the game. simply put there is no reason to not wait and see if the game will take off or not and wait for a price discount. but at the same time come may or june if overwatch is not interesting and I have money to spend, I might buy the game. I would definitely be getting it if it was free or I was getting more for my money then I was.

sorry I was not clear when I said team comp. I was referring to people thinking its a good idea to have 3 melee characters and 2 supports on one team. and while I know there is no fix for stupid I would still have liked to see a tutorial or something to explain the different classes and their roles in a match.

I guess you’re unimpressed by the campaign? Stick to Smite. I smell it as i see it, just trying to help.

you have been far more insulting then helpful. and what was there to be impressed about with the campaign. they did not give enough of the campaign in the beta to properly gauge it. 2 missions that played like dragon age inquisitions multiplayer but with dialog. if they advertised more or stated somewhere during the beta how many missions there were I might have been, but this whole beta was just to sell the multiplayer and they did not do a satisfactory job.

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@jeremy3852 has the right to his opinion.

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I feel that they did more than a satisfactory job at selling the multiplayer. I’m hooked! Can’t wait for the final release. If your disdain for PvP stems from the snowball effect of multiplayer matches, then I honestly don’t know what to say about that. MOBAs in general have this mechanic built into them, and reward the team who gains the most ground the quickest. Is it harder to come back from this position if on the recieving end? Absolutely, but not impossible.

your right in a moba when the towers go down the minion wave gets stronger. what it does not get is a unit that oversheilds both drones and enemy champions once every 15 seconds. if you look around the forum you will see a lot of topics about this issue and about poor map design. also these minion waves are not infinite, all you have to do in a moba is survive until your last tower restores itself and the super minion wave stops spawning. there is no such mechanic here.

and these issues would not be so bad if this was a free to play game. its not. its 60 dollars. and considering gearboxes rep as of late and historically with its games, this beta left to many issues out in the open and did very little to showcase what we the consumer are getting in exchange for that 60 dollars. it would have been smarter for them to launch the game free and do a founders pack like smite did and any other moba does.

but they are setting themselves up to go head to head with overwatch from blizzard. who while having some miss steps as of late with their games blizzard has a long history of excellence, game support and innovation. not to mention they have been marketing the hell out of overwatch since it was announced. the same can not bee said of gearbox.

they have also set themselves up to compete with hi-rez’s smite which is free to play. they certainly did not show enough to get me to leave smite, so you tell if you have already invested money into smite, what is there in battle born that can get me to leave for battle born and pay for the privilege of doing so.

I think the main issue with this game all comes down to one thing when I read the forum…

And it’s not whether it’s actually good, or bad… Or even how it plays (yes, all those things still are taken into account however)…

It’s one simple thing… “Comparison”

It’s constantly compared to this and that, if it did this better like this game, if it learnt from these developers, it’s going to compete with this…

Just play the game, or don’t play the game… Buy it, or don’t buy it.

Every gamer knows what they like. Different gamers are better at different things… And so are the teams that make the games.

Most certainly voice your opinion on a game, there is no right or wrong (you are valid with yours!)…

Just as this is my opinion, I approach every game I play differently, because if I started comparing one game to another, then I’d probably stop gaming, as they can’t all be equal.


While not enough to make you interested in the game, I do want to point out that there are 3 Tiers of skins in the game. In the Beta you could only unlock the 1st Tier. There are topics showing some of the more interesting skins in the game, since bots could wear them. Though I don’t think any of the Tier 3 skins were in the Beta.

The high paywall will also affect the player base in a positive manner I feel - people who have shelled out a lot of money for the game probably want to play it properly too. Not everyone of course, but more so than with free-to-play models.

But it’s understandable that the Beta might have turned you off, since Battleborn was still very much in need of polishing. That’s what the Beta was for! Hopefully you’ll take a look at the game after release, surely Gearbox will have addressed at least most of the issues with the game by then :slight_smile: (Though no game is Perfect…)

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You know you can play both, right? No one would be forcing you to choose :rolling_eyes:

except you really cant. there is only so much time in the day and to be passible in either requires a commitment.

Sounds like you had a great experience. What system are you on?

It’s totally possible to play multiple games. Every other day/week rotations. If you are only playing hardcore competitive in a league or something, then maybe not. But if you are playing for fun? Totally possible. I still play all three BL games, plus other random games. They do not go anywhere, and you can always pick up where u left off. A game like Battleborn could be supported for years and years, whether or not it gets E-sport status. It all comes down I whether or not this game is fun for you. As time goes on and people experiment and learn the game more, I’m sure any team will be able to win a match based solely on game knowledge and skill, not team composition. That’s the vibe I get from GBX design, they want to encourage variety in team composition, not have one or two options for a team to have a chance at winning.

You do realize that it was a beta and not full launch? changes will be made to the game over time ie skills, items, matchmaking, etc. I agree with the players leaving penalty but again I assume this will change over time. As for the “free to play” concept that’s what the CTT and beta were for, as well as the fact that most free to play games have micro transactions that don’t always work out and I would just prefer the initial full game price, obliviously different gamers will have there opinions on what pay method is better that is just mine.