Reasons why I have lost interest to play this game

For starters, I miss the more precise matchmaking system. I didn’t care if I had to wait longer in order for me to match up with allies and enemies that were at my skill level. I didn’t even mind the random selection of PvP mode (capture, incursion, or meltdown rather than picking a mode first and going from there). Reverting back to the old system is the biggest reason why I am losing interest to play this game. This wouldn’t be quite as terrible if…

Matches didn’t last up to 30 minutes long without any drop in/out options whatsoever. I’m sorry but I just don’t believe anyone who says they can’t make it happen for a game like this. If a player joins a match already in progress, they could start as the average level of their allies and be able to choose X number of helix choices from the minute they join a match. Before they enter a match, they can preview which characters have already been selected by their allies. I honestly don’t see why this can’t be done. Instead, players leave and aren’t replaced which 9/10 ends up in a Defeat or easy Victory.

I tried Overwatch and I have to say that I prefer not having gear. I like that, no matter what, I am on even grounds with my enemies except in skill. There’s nothing Gearbox can really do at this point to change that and many of you would probably hate to see that go. Also, the drop in/out options are seamless in that game. I don’t care if people stay or go and I’m not forced to sit through an inevitable Defeat.

Anyway. I’m realizing Overwatch is more my style of game. I understand completely why people afk in Battleborn PvP matches. You’re punished if you leave the game (probably more so with future patches) and yet you have to play what is sometimes 20+ minutes when other players leave or go afk.

I just felt a need to share because I have put in 187 hours of gameplay into this game since release and thought I should give some feedback. I think Battleborn has better art style and depth than Overwatch, so it kinda sucks that I don’t want to play this game anymore. I also like the PvE options but I’m bored of the campaigns because I’ve played the content too much. As a side note: Why on earth would I join a “Public” PvE match when it’s only going to match me with one or two other people? I want 4-5 (myself included) in a PvE match so it feels less empty.

Maybe I’m just bored (lol) but honestly, the matchmaking is awful and the lack of player replacement is also awful.

Thanks for the fun while it lasted!


give private matches a try. there are no leavers, no afk, and only low level gear is allowed.

I love this game but I too am slightly burnt out. Taking a break for a bit. As far as the matchmaking issue of drop in drop out,I like that idea a lot, being able to join a match in progress, but you have to remember there are those that get unintentionally disconnected. I would hate to be in the middle of a good match, get D/C and not be able to rejoin. It sucks when people rage quit or just AFK, but I think I would hate more not being able to rejoin my match. My solution to that would be a straight up casual mode, where it is just drop in/out ONLY. Maps would just be on a rotation. I think this would also be great for the beginners. A laid back way to understand the basics of the modes/maps w/o too much stress. I for one just like playing the game. I don’t get too hung up on winning. They could even cut the map sizes in half ( one sentry incursion, one lane meltdown) to make the matches quicker. I know there are bot matches but playing with real people is much better.

It’s lootpocolypse!!! Sorry you feel that way… Well on PC, the only reason why they loosened the ELO a bit more is because of the amount of players my guess is. You are right, it could be annoying but I guess we get to play. It’s also great making friends to play with. Having gear in the game and different skills/mutations is amazing, all the different types of styles you can play or enhance. Not all characters are the same, you can / different build of a character than someone else. I find that fun and always fun to experiment with different things

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Drop in/out just isn’t done in MOBA style games, yes Overwatch has it but it’s also an entirely different type of game. See pub cs vs dota2 for example.

Competitive Overwatch also will not have drop in/out.

Competitive Overwatch (I play) doesn’t allow drop-in/drop out, which interestingly enough, makes it extremely painful. One leaver ruins a match far more completely than Battleborn.

I’m pretty sympathetic to the idea of adding some drop-in / drop-out features in the game once they add additional “leaver” penalties. I fear that if the system isn’t well thought out though, it will be abused, and result in worse games overall. Even so, I am more sympathetic to the idea than many around here.

Matchmaking has been pretty decent recently, what platform are you on?

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To be honest, I hate Overwatch to death. You can’t win if there are two or more Trollbjorns on the enemy team. And the duplicate characters ruin the game experience (Four Tracers anyone). What makes it worse is you have no real reason to play the game because you are only rewarded skins, voice lines, and other crap that doesn’t add to experience. And competitive matches are hell. They suffer similar if not worse problems than other multiplayer games. Hell, all you get is an xp penalty for leaving or a loss of rank which is literally a slap on the wrist compared to other game penalties.


I find it interesting that people keep comparing Overwatch and Battleborn. The only thing they have in common is that they’re team based, first person kill things games. I wouldn’t even apply shooter to BB due to the large number of pure melees.

The games are almost polar opposites of each other, both in design and ideology, and it’s not surprising if you like one over the other. Each tickles a different fancy. I for one can’t stand Overwatch because of it’s flat, rock-paper-scissors (quote by Jack Frost btw) philosophy. I need depth and the ability to shape the characters to my liking and BB offers that.

Boooo Overwatch.


The reason to play the game is to have fun, to actually just play it. The whole point of stacking heroes and switching out heroes is to counter the enemy team. It’s not that hard to win against two torbjorns. 5 and a support/Reinhardt on the other hand is a pain but can be beaten, your team just has to work together well enough. Having unlocks as cosmetics only means everyone is on even grounds from level 1 in terms of available kit and damage/healing output. I agree with the penalty for leaving games though, from a competitive stand point and maybe in general. Quick play isn’t supposed to be taken seriously, especially now that competitive is out on all platforms. But still, both games have very different progression and reward systems so I wouldn’t compare them at all. they aren’t allowing hero stacking in competitive anymore so it will be a bit less annoying with stacked Winstons and Lucios.

I know this guy, REALLY talented player, dropped MWO for a while to play Overwatch. HE was complaining about exactly THAT on Twitter earlier. Can’t say I blame him.

I miss what we had in Borderlands 2, where the difficulty scaled almost-dynamically with the number of players in the game. Someone could just drop in on me while I’m playing a mission (assuming I allow that), and there’s this message, “The creatures of Pandora grow stronger” or something, and the diff ramps up to match a 2-player. If he leaves, I get another message and the diff scales back down. Etc. Wonder why BB doesn’t do that, at least for the PvE stuff…

Battleborn’s pve difficulty already does scale dynamically when players leave during a mission. I know it’s been stated on the forums somewhere, but I honestly don’t even know where to begin digging to find the source :sweat_smile: anyone else here know?

My google/search-fu is weak this morning, but I do recall being explicitly told that there’s dynamic scaling for enemies based on the number of players in the game. If you want to confirm it, solo a major enemy (evolved or brute are probably the easiest) while solo and then try to do the same thing in a 5 player group with the same character/level/etc; the TTK will be a lot higher in the 5 player group. What’s important to keep in mind is that the scaling occurs when the enemy spawns; if an enemy spawns while you’ve got 5 people in a group and you start fighting it when you’re alone, you’re gonna be 1 player fighting an enemy (or enemies) scaled for 5 players.

Also, number of players doesn’t just affect the strength of enemies. It will also affect the rank of enemies (you’ll see Bonecrushers with no Bonecrusher challenge in RNG spawns with 5 players quite often; you’ll pretty much never see this in a smaller group) and the number of enemies (the RNG spawns for 5 players tend to be about 50% larger than those for 2 player groups; it’s hard to notice it scaling when going up or down 1 player at a time, but it’s pretty noticeable when you go from 1-2 to 5).

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PvE Advanced with Friends is harmony in an online world that can very often be toxic.

Ride out the storm ok?

Is it bad that I broke that down into “PvE Advanced with” / “Friends in harmony” instead of “PvE Advanced with Friends” / “in harmony” and thought you were referring to some absolutely troll-worthy helix option that some players take? I spent about a minute rereading it over and over trying to figure out what you were saying before I finally got it (rereading it, I still have to tell myself that I’m setting up the sentence incorrectly, lol).

hehe…Clearly put, I enjoy Advanced PvE and I very much dislike any form of PvP.