Rebalance Bordelands 3

I think it is frustrating to reach the maximum level at the 14/15 chapter, in BL2 you finished the game and left 3/4 levels to do the DLC, in my opinion the game must be balanced, that is to finish the first part at level 28/30, and complete the game at 58/60 levels, leaving 5/7 levels to do the DLC, it is definitely not satisfying to complete the chapters without level advancement, this only happens in this game everyone has a balance that ends the game reaching the maximum level , in BL2 at level 50 it decreased the XP points to a third, I will not buy the DLCs because there is no reason to do them, if there are no advancements in the game.

just do proving/slaughter and u level fast
i have all my characters on 1st playthrough and they are max. i don’t care to go through the story again and with mayhem I don’t have too :smiley:

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I like the current rate. If anything, I’d have it a bit faster in order to be max level at the end of Normal without any extra grinding or going through the DLC.

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I’ve been plugging away at this idea in assorted threads for the last nine months or so. It seems to me that the majority of the folk here are happy that BL3 has become end-game based. Therefore, reaching the level cap asap is perfect for them. I believe GBX must have decided that this is the best move for the longevity of the game.

Like you, I loved the old-style Borderlands that gave us progression through multiple playthroughs. Each playthrough gave a natural increase in difficulty without the artificiality of Mayhem Mode.

As for the replayability of the previous games, I’ve recently introduced a friend to the franchise starting with BL1. We’ve just started BL2. Obviously it’s new to him but I’ve spent thousands of hours in these games. Yet, I’ve enjoyed every second of our co-op play. A great game doesn’t need novelty.

However, I think this format is going to be the future of the BL franchise. I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a change.

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