Rebinding keys still broken

Reload only works if bound to ‘R’. Rebinding primary use key still makes you use ‘E’ for quest and menu progression. Video games have figured out keybindings for literally decades now. How is it possible a AAA first person shooter can’t let the user rebind reload properly? As a developer myself I can give some leeway for the interact button being the result of some really sloppy architecture but reload?? This should be a sev 1 bug which should take 30 min of developer time to fix.

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Get your CV over to GB immediately :wink:


If they have offerings in the Seattle area then yes, I’d interview. I’m a graphics dev primarily.

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Seriously I’ve never been a huge WASD user more of a Space-ASD And this makes the game unplayable and once I heard about these issues I have yet to buy the game, I’m waiting on a fix to be announced for the keybindings and I’ll buy it. Gearbox is literally down the road from, I’ve been to their launch parties I enjoy the game…