Rebirth mod team looking for texturer(s), among other help

Hello all,

I would like to quickly explain what the Rebirth mod is going to be about. This mod team is the same team as the one behind the Complex Enhanced mod, and our moddb page can be seen here: Our forums can be seen at:
We have decided to do a fresh start for the remastered game, hence the name change, and dropping all original assets we had, minus a few of them.

The plan is to add an interesting set of mechanics, some of which are our own idea, others are improved ideas from other mods - we do think positively of a number of the Complex mechanics, eg. the research tiers or crew, but we also see lots of potential in improving them. At this point, I’m not really looking to give a full list of what we are discussing internally, as a lot will change by the time the mod can be played. In general however, I can safely say that we would like to add to the depth of the game while maintaining the action packed volatility of it.

In addition to new mechanics and ships, we naturally intend to use all 4 HW:R races, but our first alpha releases will most likely start with the Hiigarans and Vaygr as playable races. Once the “new vanilla” races are added, we’ll see what else could be done.

Another thing we are planning for the longer term is a single player campaign, that will potentially feature all races being playable in unique missions.

We are looking for any type of help that the community is willing to give us, but first and foremost we need at least one person that is willing to work on texturing. It is the #1 priority right now because we have plenty of people who can do coding, or balance testing at a good level of RTS skills and we even have good modelers, and story writers… but not one of us can do this one task.
If you need some convincing, look no further! Here are some concept ships of our 3d artist, PurpleKalamar:

I normally don’t give TL;DRs, but I’m in a good mood, so:
We would like to produce the ultimate Homeworld mod and to do so we need your help! Our recruiting priority is as follows(higher spot on list = higher priority)

•Audio dev
•Game design/balance QA
•Map making
•Mission design
•Story writing
•Promotional development
•Other, useful things

Thanks in advance to everyone that will help us. Also thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past.

We got 3 helping hands thanks to this topic, I hope no one will mind a little bump - we’re still in dire need of a texturer!

I’d love to help with the programming aspect. I am an avid programmer who has worked with java, C++, php, and other languages.

I haven’t done Homeworld modding but I’d love to learn and to help out with the project and I feel like this is a part where I really could assist.


I tested the Complex Mod in HW2 and have to say: Really good ideas and models. Much good work you did there. But the balancing was just really really bad. With a good balancing the mod can be absolutly astonishing.

Complex is Beghins’ work. We split off because the “team” had no real input. Try Complex Enhanced once it’s uploaded, that’s what we worked on.