Rebirth mod update: social media and development

While we’ve been hard at work to set up everything we need in order to deliver what we promise on the moddb page, we never forgot about what drives such projects - the community.A massive social media network was set up in order to ensure that you can have good visibility on our development updates even if you’re not a common forum/moddb visitor.In this update, I’ll also say a few things about how our development is set up right now, and what is being done.

First of all, allow me to present all of our new(and old) social media pages where you can follow us. More minor updates are shared on these, ones that may not be posted on moddb. If you’re interested in seeing these updates, please follow us on these social media sites.

Main dev forums:
Steam group:…/homeworldrebirth/members

A youtube and twitch channel are ready as well, but we won’t really be using those until we have relevant content to show. We would really appreciate any and all support in our publicity. If you would like to help us directly by managing news posts, please head over to our forums and post about it.

In the past two months, we have been working really hard on getting some of our basic concepts implemented into the game. These include, but are not limited to:

•Ballistic weapon systems. Hitting targets is no longer chance based
•New modules for Hiigaran and Vaygr
•An expanded research tree for Hiigaran and Vaygr
•Placeholder ship additions for internal testing
•Models were created
•A single player campaign outline was created
•Altered health values to make the combat less volatile

I would like to expand a little on the last point: In Homeworld 2, certain health upgrades had little to no effect on combat due to the extreme burst damages. A good example is corvette survivability against torpedo frigates. The upgrades didn’t really change the amount of hits a corvette could take. By generally increasing ship health values for ships that aren’t battlecruisers, we create an environment where health upgrades actually help survivability, and allow for the existence of attack upgrades as well without negating that advantage completely.

This basically means that the combat duration will be greater in Rebirth than the base game.
We haven’t really decided what to do with the Kushan and Taiidan, but it’s clear that there is a need for identical basic upgrades. We will probably have to introduce modules as well in order to have a balanced environment, though this is still up to debate as one may argue that the repairs from support frigates is superior to the hw2 collector repairs.

As our development continues, we’ll be tackling more and more difficult tasks, such as creation of the mechanics mentioned on the front page.

While we already have a sizable team, we’re still looking for skilled people in all areas of development, be that QA testing, programming, promotional development or 3d art. If you’re interested in working with us, simply post a topic on our forums about it. As you probably figured, we have a fairly compartmentalized team structure and everything is very well organized. Hopefully we’ll have something interesting to show in the coming months.