Reborn mod issue

Hi guys I have been playing bl2 reborn mod and it has been awesome.

One of the best things about it is monster scaling, so you can refarm old bosses and they will still be at or near the same level as you.

Unfortunately this has suddenly changed and I don’t know how, for example my level 40 hero is just getting lvl 35 monsters in dlc instead of lvl 40, which ofc sucks for getting decent weapons to progressthe game.

Tried it on another lvl 50 character and it was the same.

If anyone is familiar with this issue for reborn mod or has experience with IT issues and wants to have a go helpingz with this, I’d appreciate it.


Posting about Mods is forbidden, expect this to be closed by a moderator.

In the meantime Go to Shadowevil’s discord for help or check out the youtube videos streamers posted about the mod with links to resources for support elsewhere.

Good Luck

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Thank you for your quick reply, sorry about the post, I didn’t realise it was forbidden to discuss mods here.

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BL2 mods are not officially supported by Gearbox, no. As pointed out above, with things like this it’s best to go straight to the creator’s public channel(s).

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