Rebuy borderlands handsome collection for xbox one if i have all games on the 360

i have bought the borderlands, borderlands 2, the presequel, and the season pass for all 3 games for my xbox 360. now do i have to go back and right out buy the handsome collection if i want to play it on my xbox one now?? is there any kind of discount if you already have all the games? i just cant justify spending 60$ on games that i already have, but just want to play it on the newest xbox.

It’s already discounted. The entire collection is priced at 60 (usd) That’s the price of one game for 2 including all of its DLCs.
In my opinion, that’s a hell of a deal as it is.

You’re looking at paying $60 for what essentially equates to faster frame rate and higher resolution graphics. The game itself is still largely the same.

If you can’t justify paying $60 for the same game with moderately updated graphics then simply don’t buy it.

$60 is a HUGE discount, if you want to fill “ripped off” about anything think about how much you paid for season passes, plus two 60$ games plus DLC content that had to be paid for separately.

If anything gearbox should drop the prices of DLC content for BL2 and TPS on X360 and PS3.

I justify my game purchases as time played vs money spent. I have already logged ten hours on the new content. So at 6 dollars an hour it is already a decent deal, but as I am searching the forums at work, I think the hours played will be many.

The best way to look at things.
Games like Borderlands, TES and Fallout have given me so much value for money. Over 7 games from those series, I’ve clocked well over 10,000 hours of play time. After total spend that works out about £0.05 per hour. Bargain.

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Every game on consoles gets cheaper if you wait. If it seems too expensive now, wait. 6 months and you might see it for $40 to $50. November or December I guarantee you’ll see it cheaper than $60. By this time next year, perhaps it’ll retail for $40. Look at any game that released this time last year and guess by that.

If you want to blame someone, blame microsoft and sony for making their consoles not support their old gen games. That lack of a feature really made me question whether or not I wanted to even be a console gamer anymore. Handsome collection and announcement of Rock Band 4 swayed me back to consoles. I still prefer the ease of use on consoles too. And if I had gone PC it would have been a steam console anyhow.

Also, I understand why the consoles don’t support the older gen games. They would have all had to be patched to support the newer OS features or they would have simply crashed. Also, from a money standpoint it’s a cashcow as many people will go ahead and rebuy games on the next gen that they love from the old gen.

And lastly. It isn’t as simple as “recompile this code for the new platform”. They have to support the newer gen features or it will be broken. There’s costs for porting it over. Programmers need to eat too. etc…

And also this. I prefer to look at this way. Even if I don’t play the handsome collection as much as I have already played BL2 and TPS, it’s:
A) worth it to me to give them more cash for it for the improvements on next gen
B) there’s hours and hours and hours of content that will keep bringing me back time and time again. I can play it 2 hours a day every day for months and months without even getting bored and desiring to play a different game. My only regret is buying other games that I don’t play as much as this. In the board game world it’s like buying Dominion or 7 wonders vs buying Miskatonic School for Girls. I played the hell out of Dominion and 7 Wonders. Much bang for your buck. Miskatonic School for Girls, we played once and sold at a loss.