Recalbrating the Items

At first, sorry for my bad English (school Time is way to far away).

We all know it,
we are always one Item short, Gun, Shield, Grenade.
The one Item we are looking for won´t drop.

There is probably a Way to fix that, if Gearbox wants to.

Let´s take a Gun for Example.
It has up to 3 Parts:

  1. Elements. None, One or two Elements.
    Some Guns never have an Element on it,some can have none or 1 and so on.

  2. Attributes:
    THat´s how i call it, please correct me if I´m wrong.
    I mean the Mainstats of a Weapon, Meleedamage,Splashdamge,Critical Damage…

  3. Annointment:
    The special “Talent” of the Gun.

Now let´s think about having a Station on Sanctuary where you could extrakt the Annointment from one Gun and put it on another One.

IIn my Opinion it would help so much getting not frustrated on farming.
The Gun might still not be perfect but honestly, the Annointments are THE Maintstat for a Build.

At least it would be more fun to farm with the improved Gun.

Maybe in trhe Future it could be possible to change the Elements or reroll the Attributes of the Gun.

The Idea ocf course needs to be worked out but is there any Interest of a Recalibration Station?


Many threads have been started about this very thing :slight_smile: