Received VIP gear wrong level

Hello I had recently redeem my VIP points for a nerflet on op8 for my mecromancer that is op8 I even reloaded the save to make sure I was on op 8 and received an level 80 nerflet instead of an op 8 one

Level 72 character at OP8 is a lvl 80 in “the new system”.
Be glad you didn’t had to farm it…

My character is level 80 on op ,8

Level 80, and OP8 are the same thing. The norfleet is the correct level. You probably should have waited until you got to OP10 to cash that in. Unless of course you have the points for another one.

How are level 80 and OP8 the same thing when OP8 enemies are level 88 or w/e now? If the topic creator was level 80 OP8 when redeeming the weapon the weapon should have been OP8 (level 88).

Maybe the VIP rewards don’t scale to OP levels at all, idk.

Edit: Just claimed an OP10 Norfleet and it is the correct level, maybe it’s just stuff that’s redeemed at OP8 that’s messed up then.

I do have more points for a another one but shouldn’t the original one I claimed say op8 because when the dlc came out and the nerflet I had at op 8 became level 80 shouldn’t the one that I got from the VIP say op8 since I got it once my character was level 80 at op 8