Recent Activities not showing on my PSN account!

Good Morning!

New user here and my first post but I have an unusual problem with Borderlands 3 that is frustrating me a bit and I cannot seem to fix it!

The game itself is all fine and installed perfectly on my PS4 but one of the cool things I liked that made me buy the game was seeing friends recent activities of things they have done in the game (Weapon find, kills etc).

On my PS4 profile when I play the game the only recent activities I have is the start of the game and the trophies that I have achieved.

Can anyone advise why I am not seeing any other recent activities as I am sure I have killed enough COV to have some of those appear?

I can add screenshots of my PS4 account recent activities page if it helps?

Check the setting in the Social menu that controls the frequency of notifications - maybe it got reset somehow? If you’re hitting challenges, you should at least see a reward in your in-game email box when you launch a session with one of your characters.