Recent BL2 Patch

Hello all! Just a bit of info regarding the patch for BL2 on XB1/PS4. So if you downloaded the patch and thought that it would fix everything well it did but you have to do some steps.

  1. Redownload your character on Xbox 360/PS3.
  2. Re-Upload your character on the Xbox One/ PS4

Once you do that you’ll see all your skins and some BAR points. I know this sounds tedious to do but if you wanted all your things truly transferred then follow these steps.

why are telling us this? gearbox told us this as soon as the patch was released…early yesterday

calm down bodie if you saw it then you saw it. Some people don’t read the main post.

This won’t cause any issues if we’ve already played with the character we brought in will it? Got some awesome orange drops and and have no interest in losing them for some extra BAR and keys.

well one issue i did notice, prior to me doing that I had gotten a purple drop but lost it when i did this. Although I don’t think you will get keys mostly BAR points and most of your unlocks with complete missions

This didn’t work for me unfortunately. I tried both ways. From ps4 to ps3 and from ps3 to ps4. No luck. :confused:

I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. I have no other options than what I wrote. Contact 2k support for more info or other possible solutions.