Recent drop rate buff?

Did they just buff the drop rate?!

I have been playing Mayhem 2, mopping up all the maps for the last 2 weeks… and I usually drop like 1 legendary an hour (warning: subjective rough measurement).

I just had 5 drop in as many minutes! :open_mouth:

For the record, apparently, I am always playing online.
Not doing any special… but on PC with internet access.

On this note I have discovered that when I play slaughter shaft on TVHM M3. The very first stage I can routinely get 4+ legendaries from the bad asses. After this initial flood I’ll only get a few drops till around stage 4-5 when I can get another flood; so If farming just for legendary (anointed at that) I no longer play a full match. Seems like the game gets stingy after giving me an initial massive drop during. A match. My luck when this happens is around +22 and I have the guardian rank perk unlocked for higher luck after a kill.

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It’s just RNG. My first playthrough with Amara I got two world drops, with Moze they’re WAY more frequent.

nah… you can’t go from 1 an hour to 60 an hour with just RNG! :open_mouth:
I am… technically you could, but very highly extremely improbable, like 5 sigma improbable…

RNG is RNG, you will get hot streaks and cold streaks.

I’ve been seeing these threads pop up for over 7 years, its always rng.

I consistently have a hot streak with the first round of badasses on slaughter shaft. Then it goes cold and by round 4 it’s hot again. So if it is just rng I have a suspicion after a few drops my luck gets hit for awhile. It’s like they shower me with prizes with my initial luck making rng more favorable but then I get a hit to my luck and there is a cool down to when it’s hot again.

When it’s hot it is hot. I mean every other badass will drop a lengendary then it’s cold for a couple rounds and all of a sudden all the badasses in one mob are dropping again. I have this occur consistently for me.