Recent nerfs turn Moze into a one trick pony


I did a great deal of testing Moze over the weekend. Please help me to see what I’m missing.

Relevant nerfs for my build (SoR and explosions):

  • Flakker - Damage greatly reduced, and now can run out of ammo.
  • Hex Grenades - Damage and duration greatly reduced.

My build for Moze just feels like a bad version of my build for Amara now (Ties that Bind/Brainstormer). Both characters are able to survive, in fact, in mayhem 3, hordes of enemies are rarely capable of putting either of them down. But Moze takes twice as much time to complete the Circle of Slaughter events as Amara does… AND in order to do it, Moze has become absurdly reliant on spamming Hex grenades to survive (and is also reliant on the Transformer shield). The play-style (crowd control First, single target Second) is similar to Amara, now, but just bad when compared side by side, for two reasons:

  1. Amara has a very relevant action skill, while Moze has a button that I accidentally hit sometimes.
  2. Amara simply does more damage to a single enemy AND to a group of enemies.

TLDR: The goal should be to have all builds and skills viable, but with the recent nerfs, Moze is more reliant on the Transformer shield and spamming Hex grenades than she ever was. Her survivability is still top tier, but certainly no stronger than Amara’s survivablity. AND Moze’s damage is lackluster by comparison.

I still see many members of the community asking for further nerfs to Moze, but IMO, she may be one good nerf away from obsolescence at this point.

Much Respect.


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