Recently bought the GOTY but

Like the topic says, I recently bought the GOTY on disc but have been playing the game for the last couple of years via a free download for PSN + members. Since then I’ve purchased all the dlc’s, the first level cap upgrade and other downloadables except for creature slaughter and the mechro and psycho characters only to find out they were all included in the GOTY disc. Which I don’t mind since it was worth almost the same price of the 3 mentioned dlcs combined.

Sorry for the long winded intro so my question is if I play via the GOTY disc do I get to play my previous characters and their achievements. I sort of wanted to know before I pop in the disc only to find out otherwise.

I also got the GOTY in case I decide to discont. my PSN + since I got the download of the game for free I can’t keep playing it if I wasn’t a member any longer. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Yes. All your character information is on your hard drive. Those saves are activated regardless of whether you’re playing a digital of physical copy of the game.

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Sorry for the late reply but I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to respond.