Recently dinged lvl 50 siren

Hi there forum

I have recently dinged lvl 50 on my Siren (first char on pc) and i am having abit of trouble and thoughts about it.
A brief history about the char.
Playing on TVHM atm, on “the talon of god” quest part so just about done with it (if i can kill jack and the warrior). I have pretty bad (i think) gear consisting of things like the bee (lvl 48), some random weapons from quest and/or drops, nothing super special. I have all the different campains (getting ultimate uppgrade package 2 soon).
The thing i am wondering about is how i should proceed (i am playing mostly solo but sometimes co-op aswell).

*Is there anything special I can farm to get better drops at this level (cant kill terra normal yet)?.
*Is there a special build that is extra good at this levelbracket?

  • Any special weapons/gear i should be on the lookout for?
    *Any tips/tricks for a pretty new siren player?

Thanks for the help
Go with more action skill cooldown and grab a fast recharging shield.
I find higher dmg weapons are better then fast because you already get a big boost to rate of fire.

But this is just what i like.

The Bee is an excellent shield in certain circumstances but it’s very situational. I would not recommend using it in the final battle with Jack as you will get hit a fair amount, although once Jack’s out of the way it’s perfectly viable for the Warrior. There’s a sheltered spot to the far left of the map as you enter, which is a dolman with an ammo generator behind. The dolman protects you from Rakk and whatever the Warrior throws and the rising lava can’t get you there, either. As long as you are specced into Ruin the Crystalisks are very easy to despatch.

If you are lucky enough to have a Thunderball Fists the Warrior will go down reasonably quickly as he is vulnerable to Shock and the secondary explosions do wonders against him, especially with The Bee. If not then any fast firing weapon aiming at his Crit spot on his chest will take him down in short order, sped along by The Bee.

Maya is very versatile and what weapons you use is very dependent upon what COMs you have. If you have a good Cat COM, for example, then SMGs are a good choice as they can be massively boosted. If you don’t, then play to what complements the ones you do. Spec wise Maya is all about her Phase Lock, so I recommend putting points into things that both extend her PL (Suspension) and reduce cooldown (Quicken). If you are dying a lot then make sure you put points into Sweet Release and Elated (via Wreck). Chain Reaction, Reaper and Ruin are must haves, too, IMO, and now that Cloud Kill has been buffed again it’s worth the single point. Converge is also very powerful when combined with Ruin.

@CptErikku: if he’s using The Bee I would choose Ward over Accelerate, as it has a very long cooldown and is pretty useless if damaged. I would also take a point out of Helios and stick it in Cloud Kill now that’s been buffed

Thanks for the answers. Atm i am using a build that will be complete at lvl 72 so i have mostly fokused on surviving atm, but might have to change that up abit. Fokues on getting the skills in “motion” and “harmony” atm so have okej survivability but not that good dmg, but might to go the other way around.

Understood that cloud kill has had some huge changes so seems like a must have now, so will have to try that out.

Have another shield with better stats than the bee in inventory that i was thinking about using for Jack.

Thanks alot of al the tips and tricks. Will be my friday night figuring the correct specc out and hopefully finnished TVHM and moving on to whatever you do after.xD

one other thing: I found Maya quite hard going on early levels, as most of her advantages are tied into Phaselock and the really good skills come a lot later down the line. Unlike, say, Axton, I found myself re-speccing Maya quite a lot to take advantage of whatever situation I found myself in. But once I got into UVHM and unlocked some of her serious skills, she became quite godly, so don’t give up hope!

A lot of her skills synergise well with each other. For example, Chain Reaction is pretty good on its own, but once you get Reaper, Ruin, Wreck and Converge as well you can pretty much decimate any group of mobs with just one or two Phaselocks. Ruin slags them, Reaper and Wreck, well, wreck them, while Chain Reaction deals out damage to all the Mobs Converge has pulled together. And with Sweet Release and Elated healing her at the same time, Maya can be quite hard to kill!

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Yeah. Have the same feeling myself. Was really easy at like lvl 1-35, then it became “harder” compared to my axton i have on ps3.:stuck_out_tongue:
But i really enjoy playing her so wont quit on it yet.xD

Yeah it seems like she is more of a power house since alot of her skills synergise with each other to get the best result. Gonna be fun to get higher lvl and start doing uvhm.:smiley:

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Here’s a good lvl 50 build. Once you start UVHM, you’ll need a good way to slag. Ruin combined with Converge is the best method in the game. Converge also gives you a really good crowd control. And then, ofc, you have Chain Reaction and Reaper. Those skills and a multi pellet gun such as Pimpernel, Sandhawk or a good shotgun will clear the room in no-time.

If you decide to keep your Bee shield, I’d recommend 5 points in Ward, since the Bee has a long delay. As long as you get to Converge, you can pick whichever suits your style best.A little healing in Sweet Release, and Immolate for getting out of FFYL easier, and you’re good to go.

Farm the Warrior a couple of times to get your gear on par. A sure way to get a good gun is to tip Moxxi until she gives you the Good Touch. That, a good Cat COM and/or the Bee will take down Terra quick and easy. Terra drops “Slayer of Terramorphous”, which is a really good COM until you get a better one.

Thx ronnie. Seems like a really nice build, gonna check that out straight away! Should be able to get a few kills on the warrior i hope atleast. Was about the build I was going for at lvl 72 exept i had started with maxing out the harmony and motion tree, but this one u linked seemed way better. Thx alot!

Must say. That build was awsome! killed jack and the warrior first try using it. Was way much easier to kill mobs with it aswell. Switched 1 skill from immolation to get the cloud kill also.:slight_smile: thx again!

:grinning: Yeah… The thought of Cloud Kill actually being useful hasn’t really settled in yet. It has been the worst skill in the game for so long time, that it’s easy to overlook it. But you’re absolutely right. It’s now worth taking.

Check out @Derch 's Twisted Pimp build as you progress. It’s really nice, even if you don’t have Bekah and Twister (they’re really rare).

And… Glad I could help you along a bit! :wink:

Yeah, its insane.xD so damm good, hopefully they dont care to fix it either.xD
Sure thing, gonna check that build out. Just started UVHM now, so far all going well.xD
Worst case i will just have to farm them.xD

I would take one off flicker instead. Losing 10% additional damage in FYFL seemed more of a bummer than losing a a point in Flicker that still isn’t awesome because of how elemental chance increases work.

yeah that is true. Didnt think about that. thx for the info man! really appriciate all the support and help!

Not a problem, one of the reasons I frequent the boards. I have gotten plenty of help with my builds from the boards, and when it comes down to it, we are a community.

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Oh, but you WILL have to farm them! :sweat_smile: A lot!

The Build (or Builds) you end up using will likely be somewhat dependent on your playstyle, your shield, the weapons you use and the Class mod and / or Relic. As long as your Build is balanced for DPS, defense and healing you should be okay in UVHM and even the OP levels. If you end up using a Legendary Siren, you don’t really need more than 1 point in Accelerate or Mind’s Eye (for a total of 6/5). Also if you spec into Restoration, you only need 1 or 2 points (at most) in Restoration even if the Class mod you have equipped doesn’t boost Restoration. Depending upon the weapon, Maya can fully heal another player with only 1 point in Restoration and 1 pull of the trigger even at OP8.

Prior to the 10/29/2015 patch, I would have recommended avoiding skills like Helios, Cloud Kill, Backdraft and Blight Phoenix. With the patch, I can at least recommend putting 1 point in Cloud Kill since that skill seems to have gotten a somewhat significant buff. My current Binder Build is outdated and not accurate, however I might have to consider putting 5 points into Helios (for a total 10/5 Helios) especially if Helios is substantially better than it was Pre-patch.

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idd. just killed terra for the first time and got a "slayer of T "mod that works pretty fine atm. feel pretty safe lvling in UVHM atm atleast.
Yeah Cloud kill is doing wonders atm.:stuck_out_tongue: its insane.xD

Have fun with that OP-as-■■■■ skill, man. Maya 4 dayz.

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thx man! have to be4 it gets patched if it ever does again.xD

I think I have some level 50 orange gear I’ve just been holding onto… I think infinite pistol(i really liked that gun) and others that might be useful. I might have deleted them it’s been a while hit me up if u want me to check. I’m on Xbox lil_miss_wolfy. I’m no pro at the game just read back looks like alot of people have u alot of great advise. Mine may not be helpful. Best regards