Recently lost my 72 commando

(Barclay007) #1

hey i was transferring a save and it disappeared, any nice soul willing to help me level up a bit ?

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #2

If you transferred it and it disappeared, it’ll be on your old console still. So upload and download again.

(Barclay007) #3

its not av tried everything… even tried gearbox but they cant do anything need to start from scratch, well am lvl 19 now but long way to go

(Gokuhalo19792003) #4

I’m willing to give you a hand gamertag is goku_halo1979200 I’m on most nights Central Time 1 a.m.

(Jsilvers) #5

Anything for a fellow Axton player. Find me on PSN JSILVERS.