Recharger shield

I am looking for a good recharger shield for amara let me know what u have and r bbn looking for thanks!


I have one workhorse recharger that has 25 percent max capacity and 10 percent movement speed when shield are full. Not anointed unfortunately. I’m looking for a phasezeker mod with either assault rifle dmg increase or weapon dmg increase

The only thing that I have is pictured


Looks great. I’ll mail you both the re chargers I have. Just trust you’ll mail me the mod :slight_smile: thanks man!

What’s your gamer tag?

Same as this, i should be on tonight if u wanna hold onto them until we r On at the same time I would prefer that the way you don’t feel like you’re cheated or something if it takes me a little bit to get it to you

I will get it to you as soon as I can I work today and sometimes I’m on at night and just depends upon how the wife and kids are acting

Sounds good man. No rush, I totally understand

Hope you like your items how are they serving you