Rechoose characters at select screen

This seems like such a giant no brainer, I do not get it. Why can’t you rejigger your group at the selection screen. Most groups benefit hugely from healer or shielder. While that’s not my natural fit, I’d rather be given the option to rechoose my character so that the team is more balanced. But for whatever reason, that’s not a option. I suspect just that simple fix would help outmatched pugs be at least a bit more competitive. The fact that it’s not an option is a bug mins blowing. Fix it.

Because Gearbox didn’t design BB for serious competive play. Think about LOL that just started using team builder in the last few months for ranked. Those Ques are long as hell. Unless BB become a serious E-sport Gearbox isn’t going to care about the team building/role select. Theres no point.

This is absolutely essential. NO reason that we can’t do this! I don’t want to “lock in” to characters, I’d like to show people what I feel comfortable playing and change it up if I’m overshadowing somebody. The current way just encourages people to be selfish and lock in their main before anybody “steals” it!