-Recoil Gear on Montana

Anyone know for certain on whether or not -recoil gear affects the minigun? I have 3 pieces of decent gear that would give me just over 44% reduction in recoil which, combined with the +30% accuracy helix option, would be pretty damn cool for playing him ranged for a change.
Trying it out in single player doesn’t seem like it does, but I’m just not 100% certain.

Recoil is not the same thing as accuracy. I tested it briefly a while ago and didn’t notice anything.

But seriously man, there is no point asking these questions. Just load up a private match and try for yourself. If it works, you’d notice it.

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I did try it myself as noted in my OP. I didn’t see a difference. I don’t think it does. But, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask just to get another opinion.

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Monty’s mini-gun has no recoil, so I would avoid those pieces of gear unless they have something else that would benefit him like accuracy, damage, or attack speed.

Thank you! That’s pretty much the conclusion I came to, but I knew someone on the forums would either be able to verify whether or not this was right. Shame there’s no +accuracy gear then!

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You’re welcome. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen accuracy gear, but I’ll have to wait until the patch downloads before I can check. I’ll post a screenshot should I find a piece. Nevermind. I was thinking about attack speed and damage. It would be nice if we had accuracy gear as well.