Recomendations on which element redistributor for Zane?

Going to be starting him for the first time after the event so need some advice? Also which skill trees,weapons and artifacts are best. Not really researched much since i’m trying to get my first redis anyway but any info will help.

Radiation Redistributor with sntnl cryo anoint is the best allrounder for mobbing.

Try out the banjo god king build from thiccfila.
I use it with some adjustments, like the artifact and a Band if sitorak as shield. Transformer, stop gap or recharger work Great too


Sounds good, have all that but the redis. Think the blue mission reward redis will be good till i get a leg one?

Not really. The blue version is not as strong .

If you are on ps4 i can get you started

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Couldn’t hurt to try it but it is much much weaker, don’t think I would trust it with M3 even

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Agreed, i recently been using a transformer with ASE +50% Cyro and a Mac Tacular shock hex with ASE +50% Rad, and it rocks with seeing dead and banjo. My shield almost never drops, just run forward at the mobs taking shock dam and shield stays up. I love playing Zane now

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Man I wish. On xbox but thank you anyway!

I used the blue one for a while but I had a night hawkin that served me pretty well with the banjo until I got a legendary redistributor.


Lucky me I do have those. Good to know, thanks!

If you made me pick ,y favorite weapon in the game, Night Hawkins is it. It does a whole lot of damage at 437 x3, if you use burst fire and pump the trigger it shoots at a far higher rate than auto, more accurate for those crits and now that i have a version with an additional 100% cryo it is crazy good. Wish there was a version with 100% Shock, fire or corrosive on SNTL instead of cryo. Would be even better


Radiation and cryo is magical on everything.

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I have a Fire Redistributor with SNTNL cryo paired with the Banjo. As long as there’s multiple enemies close enough to chain, everything is dead. It’s beautiful.

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Can’t wait to play him. Seeing nothing but good things now for him.

Yeah I love this gun. I use it as a backup on my gamma burst Fl4k build cause I have a Dahl com. Idk if I have a ×3 though

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I generally use a cryo one, with an ice breaker artifact (which also has bonus SMG damage as one of its bonuses.) I tried the banjo, but this setup just seems to kill (and definitely freeze) stuff faster. I switch to a shock Redistributor when I come across a frostbite heavy or other such cryo-resistant enemies, or when I’m pounding on a shield-heavy boss.

Just yesterday I had a radiation one drop, but no cryo anointment sadly… that’s definitely on my wish list (that or another cryo or shock one, either with the cryo anointment.)

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Which mod do you run?

Seein Dead with +31 SMG damage and +31 AR damage (I often switch to a cryo Faisor with cryo anointment when I’m faced with just one enemy.)

Would love to get one with a +25 weapon damage on top of that. :slight_smile:

Gotcha. Appreciate the info.

Projectile Recursion works really well too, but you would definitely benefit from some charge time decreases in your gear