Recommend a Moze slaughter shaft build?

What build works best to clear slaughter shaft?

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Hate to say that, but nothing beats Tediore reload in slaughter shaft, not even the pre-nerf hive/hex build. Almost one shot anything without even aiming.


What do I need for that build?

Check this video out. You need some tediore shotguns that home and mirv, a facepuncher and a cutpurse artifact.

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Check out my previous post: Tediore? Viable?
For ammo regen, just switch to Chadd when Redistribution is active. It pretty outperforms the facepuncher + cutpurse combo IMO. I’m now doing around 130k dmg by first direct hit, and getting over 500k single hits with high SoR stacks. Slaughter Shaft round 5 takes less than 6 minutes even when I play really casually.

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would infinity work in the same way as chadd with redistribution?

No. Infinity always has a mag of one which is never used up.

Could be a nice filler until you get a redundant Facepuncher and Cutpurse relic of choice. But with the Facepuncher you literally go to full ammo with one shot.

I’d just use whatever good gear you have to clear it. Bring something that chews through armor and flesh, they’ll be pretty handy.

What is Chadd and how do I get it?

A shield of retribution build serves me well in SS even at Mayhem 3. I’ve found a good tactic which is herding them towards a corner so you can pick some off. Then when they start surrounding you go to the corner farthest away. You want to seriously avoid badass zeaalots grouping together. You’re biggest threat though is probably badass tinks. Their cluster grenade gets behind you alot. I would personally suggest a Jakobs revolver and shotgun with 2 elemental guns to remove shields and armor. With this setup Iron Bear is primarily used as an escape tool and won’t be good in combat. You can autobear him as a decoy but only if he’s alive before you eject. Stay mobile. /wall of text

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The Extreme Hanging Chadd is a Unique CoV Pistol, you get for completing a side quest on eden-6. It doesn’t over heat (cuz it’s always on fire), always fire element (duh), fires 2 rounds, consumes 4 rounds per shot (lol not really, it has unlimited ammo).

If you don’t want to have to farm a lot of very specific gear, a Shield of Retribution build will do the job fine. There’s a bunch of them on YouTube to look at, all operating just a little differently and based around different weapons and secondary tree skills.

All you really need for success is a Transformer shield for the added defence and decent gear in your other slots keeping an eye on a spread of weapons that will strip away shields and armour (Corrosive is preferable to Cryo because of the high number of anointed you’ll have to deal with) and let your own fire skills take care of flesh. You won’t be the fastest on the planet but you’ll get the job done.

If you just stick with shotguns tho, and shotguns reload slower. Only Zane can regen all types of ammo with facepuncher.

There’s not really a reason to use anything but shotguns in this build afaik. Maybe while your putting the build together you could use other weapons, but being able to regen your entire ammo pool is to good to pass up once you have all the pieces together.

SOR demo woman flakker. Even with the nerf you almost never have to reload

You can use Tediore with pistols without forge. You need to have the ammo regen terror anointment and a terror on action skill anointment + hangin chad. At max stacks the regen is 15-16% ammo per sec which is faster then forge+redistribution. Just hop in and out of IB from time to time to keep your terror stack (which lucky for me also trigger 120% splash dmg).

TVHM Mayhem 3

Extremely godly. Melts Hardened Badasses in seconds without favorable modifiers. With right gear can do +40% enemy damage AND +20% enemy fire rate easy

Most important pieces are Ghost Call grenade, +Anointed Splash for 18 seconds weapon and/or Blast Master mod, and some good heavy weapons. Stop Gap shield preferred. If you have +Anointed Splash then Ogre is optional, though optimal for spamming Ghost Call which is the real armor dps and is extraordinary. If you don’t use an Ogre then make sure on one of the Some for the Road buffs to spam Hive, Jericho, or even Ruby’s Wrath to regen grenades

You want a single target Ghost Call for consistent aim. I happened across a roided Ghost Call the other day (lmao!)

Since a lot of these may be random and especially the +18 second splash Anointed may be hard to get (use whatever has it to get the buff, even purple and blue weapons), focus on farming Ghost Call from event - and to begin with a decent heavy weapon, you can target farm Freeman from the Warden in the Anvil

That said, Ogre with Ghost Call is enough, especially with Blast Master and Stop Gap shield, but together with Some for the Road heavy spam it is even better. If not using the Ogre then even something like an Atlas Carrier can help, if it kills all the little troops to cooldown Iron Bear faster for heavy spam

As an aside, I recommend Explosive Bullets and Nuke on Auto Bear. Surprisingly effective; maybe there is a hidden synergy between explosions and radiation effect. You can use the +dmg taken rockets of course, though with gear this build is so effective that I reserve them only for the end bosses of Slaughterstar