Recommend me a moze build post patch

Looking at youtube and reddit, I can not find a viable build that is working decently. I’m current running the nuclear moze build from these very forums. And I absolutely love it, but it’s not viable anymore obviously as it relied on splash and grenade spamming. Also the problem I run into is trying kill enemies in the HECK hole with cryo. I’m triggering the explosions whenever I hit enemies with cryo weapons. I’m thinking I need to run a bottomless mags/ shield build, and get away from the demolition women tree

3 element Moze build using fear…

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I posted a topic explaining the whole thing in the forum I think earlier. Cleared SS M3 in around 15 mins :man_shrugging:t3:

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Dang that’s insane…does it still work after the 10-24 patch?

Jesus. Is it still viable after patch though? It seems it would be

Oh yeah, it still works. I’m using it to grind Slaughter Shaft for new grenade mods.

The safest way to play is with the Transformer and chucking a shock Tediore, but you get decent life steal through Vampyr as well.

My one word of caution is to maybe not spec into Torgue Cross-Promotion as you will sometimes blow yourself up.