Recommendation for mayhem modifiers

I just wanna say I really enjoy what they’ve done to improve this game since the release of mayhem 2.0 and the fact that gearbox is actually listening to their fans shows their dedication! With that being said i thought of a little recommendation to the rerolling system. When I’m looking for a specific set of modifiers, I typically start from the Very Hard and work my way down to Easy, constantly pressing reroll until I see Post Mortem as an example. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in the situation where you find the perfect modifiers only to accidentally reroll again! But what if we could undo a previous reroll? Perhaps with Eridium? I feel like we need more uses for Eridium and using it to undo one reroll sounds like a fun idea. Any thoughts? Maybe instead of an undo, maybe even use Eridium to increase your luck at some of the better modifiers? Just a suggestion but hopefully it gets the devs thinking on some neat ideas for the future!


As long GB give me the option to turn them off just like they gave us the option to turn mayhem mode off because most people don’t like/enjoy the modifiers then YES i agree with the above.

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Since players spend minutes rolling for the perfect mayhem modifiers the devs may as well cut to the chase and give us the option to choose what modifiers we want.

Of course the randomise option should stay to please the others. Best of both worlds really.

There are times I’ll rather just have the health, shield and armour buffs without the modifiers.


I constantly accidentally click past modifiers as I slowly go boss eyed and lose the will to live trying to get 4 I want.

Personally I go for speed demon, Healy avenger, ticked off and post mortem - that way I have no damage increase or decrease and treat death as just another enemy (albeit one with a really wonky hit box).

I found my God roll for FL4K and maybe even every VH

Hefty Avenger
Heal Drone (might be called something else)
Post Mortem

The hefty avenger and heal drone have such low health that they’re perfect for 2nd winds and once you have the right gear killing the post mortem skull is just as quick. I use to roll with the crit modifier but I got tired of being penalized for non crits. I use to also have the cryo orb since it’s easy to kill but getting hit and not being able to use my snowdrift started to really bum me out. So far I have a love/hate relationship for most of the modifiers but it’s certainly doable in the current game state

I like using:

Healy Avenger
Drone Ranger
Not the Face

Slayer is nice when piloting Iron Bear, it gives his ground stomp some niche use. Healy Avenger + Drone Ranger don’t really affect gameplay at all. And I suck at landing crits + rely on large splash radiuses to destroy mobs so Not the Face doesn’t affect me either

Lootsplosion/Speed Demon
Healy Avenger
Drone Ranger
Rogue Lite

As a Zane main I just don’t get downed very so it isn’t worth the hassle of other modifiers for that rare event.

I’d also say wether you coop often can play into it as well. Not in the face is great for my melee Amara but terrible for most other characters for example.