Recommendation for T2 skins upgrade

Hey guys! I was quite hyped when I saw Thorn’s T2 skin. Immediately bought it (Thorn is my bias xD), picked her in match-making, and everyone was commenting how awesome was my skin.

However, the effects, particles and colour of the skills remain unchanged in-game. Everything was still in green.

Since we need to pay for these skins, I suggest a change in the effects or colour on the skills of the character?
For eg, Thorn’s T2 skin transform her from her normal everyday elvish look to something dark and deadly hunter.
So why don’t her skills effect and colours changes in according to her skins too? Everyone would definitely buy it!

Just a small recommendation from me. What do you guys think?

I don’t like this idea. It already takes time to know how the abilities of all chars look like and if they always change with skins it will be impossible to know in what kind of crap you’re standing :P.