Recommendation/Suggestions on Maya build

Hey guys i’ve started playing in bl2 in april and i’m in love with this game. My first character was maya and now that i’ve hit the level cap i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on my build. I’ve heard inertia was worth investing in also lifetap. Can anybody give me pointers on to maybe what skill should i give points to and what skills i should not here’s my build


A single point in Life Tap is all you need at such a high level because the weapons damage easily outnumbers your health value.

I would take the 5 points out of Sub-Sequence and add them somewhere else.

I don’t know if this still applies at LV. 80 but Kinetic Reflection is really good for mobbing. Not because of the bullet deflection but because of the 50% damage reduction after a kill.

Also the other points in Helios are a waste. It’s not really strong. I would just add 1 point for the additional fire AOE/DOT.

Do you snipe alot? Otherwise Mind’s Eye might be another one you could take some points away.

How about this: (You can still move some points) Edit: Changed thanks to 1sirus2 comment.

Also what class mod are you using?

Edit: Oh and welcome to the community.


To go with the above, get out of Flickr, it doesn’t do nearly enough to deserve one point, nevermind five.


COM choice will make a difference. Siren or (Legendary) Binder or both?

Also - this is clearly a SS build, so are you intending to keep SS?

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Yes, totally missed that. It doesn’t outright adds a +30% but instead 30% of the weapons elemental chance! so if your weapon has a 12% chance of applying an effect it would be 16% not 42%!

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Thanks Omega :slight_smile:
mainly using the siren and cat com sometimes the binder com as well depending on true situation and if i’m playing with a friend [quote=“1sirus2, post:3, topic:2894571”]

Both but i use the cat more than the binder though

The Binder and SS are pretty tied together. If you aren’t really using the Binder much, perhaps those SS points should go into something closer to what Omega posted.

The only changes I’d make would be to steal a point from Helios to put into Flicker. Despite the uselessness of the skill, It’s always worth a point if using the Siren.

And always max Inertia! Take those 3 points from KR.

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also i kinda like ss quite a bit so i’ll probably end up keeping up but idk i love it for mobbing though

Then I would definitly keep 1 point in Mind’s Eye for the 6 points.

This is my personal Legendary Binder build. You can still add 8 points because you’re LV. 80.

Sub-Sequence is quite cool but strongly depends on how quickly you can kill enemies. If you only kill like 2 enemies per use than 5 points is a total waste.


The Siren and SS can go together. As Omega implied, you get fewer kills without using the Binder. However, I’ve used this on the Peak with the Siren

It’s not great for mobbing though. The Binder is really best for that - which changes the skill distribution around a tiny bit.

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is blight phoenix worth investing to ? or should i just put a point into it

is backdraft good ? i don’t usually use melee or you just use it for the shield bonus ?

No it’s not worth it because it triggers barrels(and does little damage). I put 1 point in it so that I can keep better track of (Rabid-)Stalkers

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Both Backdraft and Blight Phoenix tie with Life Tap. It’s not the melee bonus - it’s the nova.

And I don’t find one point will trigger barrels very quickly.

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ok so i’m down to 7 points between elated and sustenance to get life tap how should i distribute these points? also i left out ss it made sense i really don’t use the binder com often

Elated again benefits heavily from the Binder mod. Sustance is always health regen(good if you are under an elemental effect)

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should i put two points into backdraft or blight phoenix or both and just leave helios empty. i’ve put a point into flicker since i use the siren com

ohhh ok thanks for the clarity

Helios is good at 10/5. The problem is Ruin applies slag after Helios goes off.

Use it with the Binder and SS.

Otherwise it doesn’t do enough damage and it creates a visual mess so hitting crits is extremely difficult. I leave it out.