Recommendations for Wireless Headphones

Hey guys, I’m currently looking around for some wireless headphones for my gaming PC. No price range in particular, just nothing overly expensive, although my opinion can change if it’s something so good I can’t ignore it. I’m mostly looking for audio quality and longevity, and of course, comfort. Does anyone here have suggestions on what’d fit the bill nicely?

I’ve got so many headphones I’ve lost count. Here’s my 2 cents:

If you’re looking for a “gaming” oriented headset, of the ones I’ve purchased Steelseries H is the best audio I’ve heard for one targeted at that market.

That’s for wireless gaming-oriented headsets: make no mistake, it’s still crap audio compared to real headsets. Only about 3 bills. Same money on a Sennheiser gets you much better audio, but a cord.

If you really care about audio quality, get a Senn and put up with the cord, or get a good wireless headset (i.e., not one of the gamer-target turds with the whiz-bang packaging/audio woo woo/my little pony styling, but one of the many good sets targeted at music listeners). If you need a mic, there are cheap remote mics you can add to it.

Yep, I’d agree with Sennheisers if you can either put up with a cord or if there’s any wireless sets about.

Sennheiser. Bose is the “beautiful face” and Beats is plain crap.

Do you need a built in mic?
Do you want 5:1 or 7:1?
Do you want open or closed headphones?

i suppose we should ask your price range first.

Why are most of you recommending wired headphones ween he specificaly asked for wireless ones?

Anyway if you don’t care for an included mic th RS series (RS160 and above) from Sennheiser is a good choice.
They are handy if you move around a lot in your house to for example go from the pc to watch a movie on the sofa.

i actually started to reply with these. rs 185. 100 bucks off right now.!pla!!!104635439559!g!!84769357479&kpid=3304028&k_clickid=9349fcf1-06a2-46cb-96f9-d21fdefda620&lsft=ref:212,loc:1&ksid=9349fcf1-06a2-46cb-96f9-d21fdefda620&ksprof_id=11&ksaffcode=pg8862&ksdevice=c

Probably because of that. I’m mostly interested in Wireless headphones for my PC (A mic isn’t a problem at all, as I plan on having a higher quality external one), although, if a wired one somehow ends up being totally worth it, I think I can manage.

Anyway, you guys want a bit more details, so here you go. I’d like to see about 5.1 surround sound headphones, but I’ve always had stereo headphones, and can deal with that. As for open or closed headsets, something closed would be preferred, as long as they’re larger than a lot of gaming headsets I’ve seen.

Wireless closed ones: RS 165/175/195
Wired closed ones: Momentum 2.0, GAME ZERO (built in mic), Q701 (semi open).

Can’t think of anymore atm.

Advice: Don’t bother. There are four products on the market that do this well, ranging in price from cheap to way out of most gamer budgets, and now that myears seems to be defunct there are three ranging from expensive to way out of most gamer budgets.

I own them all, and frankly only one does the job superbly. Bottom line - without having a customized to you HRTF, headphone surround is a crapshoot, at best a crapshoot with loaded dice if variable but not custom HRTF are used.

Run away from the “virtual surround/Dolby surround” nonsense spewed for gaming headphones (sadly, Sennheiser included, but you need not use that aspect of their otherwise excellent gaming line headphones) if you really care about audio quality.

Stick with a quality stereo headset…

Thanks for that advice, I’ve had no experience with surround sound headphones at all, so I guess I’ll stick with stereo.

get yourself a set of abyss AB-1266’s.

The high treble range on those blows. I traded mine two weeks after purchase for an amp I don’t need, disliked them so much…

I’m looking for good clarity, not much of that cinema style bass (Way too much bass for my tastes). So, something with good treble clarity, but enough bass to give sounds some “oomph”, but not too much of that.

it was a joke. you actually bought $5000 headphones?

Sure, and no one pays retail for something like this, particularly when a regular for the dealer. It’s a very good phone, in some areas as good as they come (for now), but fails in too many for my tastes, hence one of the very few I’ve dumped.

Then the Senns warrant your review, whether corded gaming or just their wireless music phones - they do a fine job for the $ across the board.

I’ll definitely give them a thorough look then.

i’ve never tried them. Ize just a poor audiophile.