Recommendations on weapons for bosses with Zane?

I cant find the answer to this question on youtube but im looking for good weapons to deal with bosses that arent from the cartel dlc or sliding anoint setup’s. I’ll be running the usual cryo build on M6 so they dont have to be hard to get, Just looking for suggestions you guys have found. One in question is the Kaoson, how does if fair?

Cutsman is one of the best.

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Krakatoa and Sandhawk work as well.

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Kaoson with 100% cryo anoint is super strong. I’m currently running m10 zane and I’ve gotten a couple Lobs with 100% cryo and they shred mayhem 10.

Also Hellshock with cryo anoint is super good as well. Sandhawk too

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Was wondering about the Kaoson, love that gun but never had one cryo anoint. How long did it take to drop for you?

I dunno, I got really lucky on that one. It dropped for me on my third attempt at traunt - 4500x2 kinetic, full auto. In all my subsequent kaoson drops from Traunt (prob like 150) I’ve only gotten it two more times haha.

Guess now is a good time to try for one. But its like anything in this game, a big question mark. Thanks.

Yea, the farm is pretty brutal sometimes haha. I had much better luck getting a 100% lob from grave ward to be honest lol, I got 2 in the past couple hours of playing

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I think lobs are good for me. Got plenty during the planet loot event.

The Kaoson is probably the best all-rounder for bosses, but other weapons shine under certain scenarios:
Monarch - Better against big or close enemies where all bullets hit.
Sandhawk - Better against slow and weaker enemies that can die before running out of ammo.
Backburner - Better against big enemies you can cheese (aim below the boss so it sprays more into the boss).
Cutsman - Better against big enemies like Wotan (one of the few weapons that can easily break Wotan’s legs after killing him for more loot).

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Good thing all of these are in the base game. I like being able to go after a certain thing and it be viable when I get it. Reason why my builds are without the opq.

Same guns as everyone else in the game… Until they balance gear just get the same 7 guns as everyone else
Cutsman, monarch, kaoson, opq, sandhawk, Krakatoa, yellowcake

1 Billion guns in this game, only 7 are being used…

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Violent Momentum is zanes strongest skill. I’m not saying you can’t kill bosses without using it, because you can, but you will never do it as effectively as someone who is utilizing it. I highly recommend taking a look at rocket launchers, or aoe weapons. Including weapons with homing features like the scourge. This weapon does not take much aim to slide and shoot considering that the projectiles home in on the target anyway. If you are playing base game Zane without Seein Dead, then I recommend respeccing for bossing vs mobbing. CCC is not a bossing skill. And cryo in general is not effective against bosses. Even metal ones like Wotan just straight up resist it by a LOT. Over 50% if I remember my testing of it.

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Cool thanks. I read in another post you mentioned VM and having at least 2 speced into it, is that really all you need? Plus that post led me to your vids, been watching them all day off and on at work lol. Good stuff!

What post did you read where I said that? I would like to edit it haha, you should put every point into violent momentum possible. It is by far his best and highest damaging skill lol

Your response wasn’t focused on that specifically but you were saying if you don’t put much into that skill at least have 2 points to get 100% damage added without mods or artifacts stacking damage. I have 3 right now but think I’ll respec.

I’m not sure where I said that. The only time I could imagine saying that is in response to someone building full green/red spec. Also you don’t just get a bonus 100%, the skill is very volatile. It’s hard to test and the bonus is hard to track tbh. But it does go into the hundreds of % if you sliding, which is why I heavily recommend using it haha

I’ll see if i can find it but i might have read it wrong being i haven’t been playing Zane long. Anyway I’ll put more into VM, didn’t know it was that important. Thanks.

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But if you don’t like to play it, that is fine. Just keep in mind, walking and shooting (not sprinting or doing backflips) with 2 stacks of violent speed alone gives you upwards of 100% gun damage. So any anointments, artifacts, class mods, etc that just add gun damage will have diminishing return.

Yeah I read that wrong im sorry. Don’t mean to misinterpret your info. But when you mentioned stacks can you elaborate please. Again sorry.

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Ah, okay yah. So I was referring to Violent Speed, which gives you movement speed and stacks twice. Also take that number with a grain of salt, I’d have to go back and check my exact testing to come up with that number, but it will be upwards in that range, the skill is a lot easier to use and abuse than people realize.

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