Recommended boss for Raging Bear?

Hi everyone!

What would be the best method for farming this mod? I’ve killed Billy roughly 30 times and not received any mods, just Gatling Guns and Sprinklers. Wotan seemed to drop it aswell, but still a bit of a trek to get there.

Am I just having terrible luck with Billy? Should I just continue with the Takedown? Im playing on M10 aswell.


You’re having terrible luck with billy.

Yeah, apparently my luck just keeps getting worse. I’ve now done a total of 75 runs and only got one class mod.


Unpopular opinion: Raging Bear isn’t worth the time spent catering to its joke of a drop rate. It’s a good class mod, but it’s also a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none class mod at that. For what it gives you in total, it really does not merit 75 or 100+ runs before seeing a single drop.

So long as you’re using splash hardpoints/augments, Green Monster and Blast Master will give you more DPS, and Mind Sweeper can insta-delete some bosses if crit shots are possible. If it’s increased fuel-efficiency and less cooldown duration that you want, Bear Trooper delivers them in spades, instead of constantly reducing fuel drain which yields diminishing returns.

Besides, even if you have the same bonus points in SSB with both class mods, the special effect bonus damage from Raging Bear is only an extra 25% in total over Bear Trooper. The real damage booster from Raging Bear comes from the bonus points in Stoke the Embers against fleshy targets. But BT’s increased fuel-efficiency gives you a lot more shots to fire; the bigger fuel tank also indirectly buffs the fuel refunds in Deadlines without needing bonus points for it.


I play Moze on M10 all day, and have since before her hotfix. Raging Bear is the second best class mod she has and is DEFINITELY worth it. That’s why it’s the hardest one to get, because of what it does. If you get one with all 5 points in Stainless Steel bear, action skill damage, splash damage and damage reduction, you have the best class mod for Moze in the whole game. Better than blast master and green monster, if you have those perks.
In reality, IB is meant to take loads of damage. It should be built that way, which is why it was difficult before the hotfix. Before, it was made of paper unless you were actively shooting targets and healing yourself with splash damage. That doesn’t apply anymore because it’s actually a dumb skill to use overall for alot of reasons. Raging bear is the mod you want if you want to make bear effective overall, which you’re going to now, since 99% of Moze’s damage is coming from bear and not Moze herself, if you want to max her damage. You can do damage as Moze, but it should be intermittent for max damage, hoping in and out of bear to take advantage of Dakka bears bonuses. If you’re in IB all the time, you’re nerfing yourself almost as bad as those who don’t get in IB at all. She’s a combo-invulnerable-damage type. She’s literally a mix of Krieg and Axton.
And that’s the little trick with Moze. She isn’t really meant to heal anything other than a little ammo and health regen from crits. Anything else, and you’re going to be weaker. That brings us to Raging Bear again. The skill point allocation you have for Raging Bear, pretty much whichever one you get, allows you to skill the max damage, duration and fuel efficiency of bear, PLUS there’s an added bonus to those stats hidden in the mod, so bear goes longer than normal when you max those stats out. But…you don’t have too! That’s the fun part! If you put only 16 skill points in Moze’s middle tree with Raging Bear, you can get max damage for bear and get all the bonuses on the other two skill trees. Her point allocation combined with Raging Bear means you can overlap all her damage buffs and have only 4 caps that aren’t, but are damage related. Because a mod has points in it, doesn’t mean you have to put more. If you think of those bonus points as fillers to those cap points, you can complete all the necessary caps to make bear vaporize everyone.
When you can skill all the damage of bear and extend his duration and damage with only 16 skill points, you can use the other skill points to max out her shield skills. There’s a trick there too! Overlaping shield recharge rate is stupid, but killing 3 people and getting a 60% damage buff for a fire rate hit is awesome. Thin red line is useless when you have a deathless artifact, since that one doesn’t hit IBs health, and if you use a shield that stores health it will, same with the luck artifact.
Having the annointment that breaks shields and the shield cap activates a 30 sec damage buff, plus Phalanx as you kill, all these apply to IB. Then you get to skill Dakka bear…
The real damage and only weapon for IB are the twin explosive guns. With the rest of your points, you can skill Dakka bear and all the bonuses leading up to the cap for 60% damage buff to IB for having the same weapons. Don’t skill the movement damage/handling cap, since you’re overlapping damage through the other cap and that skill is useless anyway for this build. The other cap overlaps crit damage and IB bonuses with health, which you’re holding at 1 with the deathless, so the bonus is 100% hard point damage and all the crit/incendiary bonuses from the other the cap stones.
That’s why you don’t need to heal yourself with splash damage. You’re going to be holding Moze’s health at 1 and getting out of IB when you’re halfway through your fuel. At least two points in IB kill skill cooldown, hop on Dakka bear (POSITION HIM, he has perfect aim) and pretend to shoot things. I try to hit the buddy system guys for IB mostly, or kill a dude or something. Doesn’t actually matter you see, because once you get on IB, it gets a 50% damage buff for you being on there. He’ll vaporize the area and replenish it’s cooldown, throw a grenade and do it all over.
-50 health/150 radiation damage anointments apply to IB because Moze has her health at 1, so IB get’s another 150% in radiation damage. Deathless is the second part of an artifact, but the first part, ideally, should be the radiation aura damage, since that affects IB’s damage too through a 50% boost to the DoT for radiation.
There’s more too, but I think you get the idea. I bet everyone know this already.