Recommended loadout for first Peak run?

Finally got Zer0 up to level 80 and am looking to run him through the peak for the first time. I need to go farm some level 80 items, but I want to get some feedback from all the Zer0 pr0s out there on what loadout you personally found to be the most dominant when running the peak? In other words, what is your absolute favorite / most effective build for the OP levels?

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How have you run Zer0 so far? Gun or melee?

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l’d reccomend FIakker+WorId Burn, and use the PimperneI to B0re tanks and OMGWTH


For guns : Lyuda, Harold, Slagga, Badaboom, Hornet, Bee, Neo, Flakker are all simple to get and extremely powerful. Antagonist or Blockade if you’re so inclined.

For melee : Punchee is the only practical choice. Requires crystals but at least is a very quick vendor farm. Chain Lightning will need to be upgraded with each new shield obviously.

Oops. 28 days. Little late - sorry.

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