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Hi @BitVenom

As a developer at GearBox (see what I did there? :wink:) what repository system and version control software do you guys use? For ST:C we have been using Tortoise SVN and SourceForge.

Of late we have been running into issues with uploading files that are larger than 20mb, this will become a pronounced issue very shortly as there will be about 3.5 to 4 GB of DAE and TGA files to upload for the team to work on remastering.

I have been looking into GIT but most hosting sites like BitBucket seem to shy away from (free) repositories that are over 2 GB in size, we’ve got about 17 GB of files in our repository already, this will go to about 20 GB easily by the time we’re done with syncing up the new source files when RODOH-2 is out.

Just looking for the pro’s 2 cents on the topic :smile:

I use github and it normally works great. Just be sure to avoid any edit conflicts between local copies and the online repository (eg the out of date local copy has an edited version line 22 of asdf.lua and the online copy has a different edit to line 22 of asdf.lua) because then git gets very mad.

Whatever setup the devs use, it’s probably self-hosted, so they wouldn’t have to worry about repository size.

At EF (CoH) we used Tortoise too, but hosted on our own website run off of donations (bandwidth and storage size grow progressively).

Git is good, but I’d stick with Tortoise for things of your size and complexity. Issue’s ive had with git with things breaking and re-downloading/uploading I’ve never had with Tortoise. Considering these issues usually mean me copying everything to desktop for safety before i do anything, it’s annoying. SVN I’ve never had to touch. Git I’ve been afraid of losing changes because it decided to eat itself and i’ve had to fix it :smiley:.

Personally we had one SVN for the mod and one for misc source/personal safety folders.

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Svn locally for experiments on a SAN and SVN on a privately hosted server. Tortoise for both. Been looking at TRAC integration

Don’t use Git for assets. It’s meant to be used for code, Git has some issues with large files.

Gearbox uses Perforce - it is quite good (and free for small/non-commercial teams?) - but ONLY if you don’t plan to branch much.

My 2 cents:

I prefer git. You can configure it to be okay with larger or ‘binary’ files (art, etc). I’ve never had git do dumb things if I used it properly. That said, some people don’t learn or understand, and yes - at that point git can be rather dangerous. SVN may be the way to go in those cases.

Tortoise is just a Shell Extension for ‘whatever’ (SVN, Git, Mercurial, etc) - it isn’t the actual system.

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I got an email from Google last week. It seems they’re closing down Google Code in October, so I have to move somewhere else.

Thanks all for your input, it is looking like staying put might be the wisest course… funnily enough :confused:

We have three branches, HW2, HWR and Source Files. They’re not the traditional branching but they serve pretty well to allow team members to have only one folder or all three if they want.

We changed from using the https connection to an svn+ssh connection and it improved immensely! If anyone is having a similar issue do that :sunglasses:

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