Reconciling The PVP Worlds With The Storyline

Is there ANY information or Lore anywhere in the game that gives any sort of information on where exactly the PVP maps are located in relation to the storyline worlds?

Is the PVP just a “virtual reality training simulation” for the Battleborn?

Is there any way to fit it in with the actual storyline?

Any way to MAKE it work with the actual storyline?

What do you guys think?

PvP is just one big dojo that they are training in. They are all really friends :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t call them friends, more like associates of circumstance since some characters do NOT like each other at all

  1. Bliss (The Algorithm, Voids edge, The Renegade)
    Doesn’t have an Incursion map?
    Coldsnap for Meltdown
    Snow blind and Temples for capture

  2. Ekkunar (The Archive, The Experiment, The Sentinel)
    Overgrowth AND Monuments for Incursion
    Paradise for Meltdown
    Outback for capture

  3. Tempest (The Saboteur)
    Echelon for Incursion
    Outskirts for Meltdown
    Nothing for capture

This is the basic information I was aware of, not sure if it’s too obvious. Were you asking whether the Battleborn are actually on the planets in question when they engage in combat? Or where on Ekkunar Overgrowth is in relation to e.g. The Archive?


Thanks, and both, I guess?


Isn’t Temples a Bliss map too?

Stand corrected! Updated and edited. All seems a bit unbalanced really. Three modes and three worlds, you would think each one would have a map for each game mode.

As to the topic question, can’t provide much insight to be honest. Games like this usually don’t tie PvP into the lore. If it’s not just a simulation then WHY are we escorting minions into a grinder/destroying sentries to best other Battleborn?


I read that they fight eachother for fame, money/credits and general loot. They may be part of one big ole alliance, but pretty much all of them will fight for themselves.

It’s like a frenemy coalition.

It’s similar to BB where they have to take artistic liscence to allow to have two sirens on the same team/fighting and killing the same bosses over and over and over

I do like how they made respawning a canon aspect of the game as LLC life saving device though, makes PvP a little more plausible

The idea has been that it is NOT a simulation. It’s part of the reason why we have factions, and why every faction has its pros and cons. There was a long time that the story of Battleborn was pitched as “Game of Thrones In Space”, where the differing character motivations and faction motivations were more pronounced. Some of that is still there, but it’s downplayed beneath Rendain and the Varelsi, and the immediate threat they posed. We believed have a more direct villain with a face would be better narratively, so we shifted more that direction as we crafted the core game.

PvP, though, has always been the story of the conflict for resources and survival in a diminishing universe. These civilizations that have retreated from the growing dark have to find a way to survive. They were once spread out across hundreds and thousands of planets, and now they have less than a half-dozen. Some of them (like the Eldrid on Ekkunar and the Jennerit on Tempest) are highly territorial, and actively move to thwart any non-faction colonization.

The story of the Battleborn, season 1, definitely has friendships that grow and blossom. And, ultimately, it’s the story of “the enemy of enemy is my friend” as they group together to oppose Rendain’s plan to send Solus to the Varelsi. For a time, the Battleborn put aside their differences and group up. The Operation missions start to describe some of the time after. They are close contacts, and have reasons to work together, but without the singular threat of Rendain and the Varelsi, their attention and loyalties are prone to scatter.

As we continue the ongoing story and fiction of the universe, you will see more and more of this. At times together; at times violently opposed.

Thus, PvP.


Come on!!

(takes a big big big deep breathe and smiles)


As far as ongoing story and fiction, if the game series continues, can we please have more unlockable besides just character lore through lore challenges? It was a nice idea and while the updates give some little things here and there, more background lore in game and unlockable lore would be appreciated. There are a lot of characters I want to know more about, but only have what have been released via online or unlocked in game via lore challenges.

For instance, going off of Benedict (my fave character): What is life like on his home planet before it was destroyed? Culture, society, relationships, biology (yes I know he’s a bird, but in depth stuff would be super nice)? Depicting the damage of his wing. What’s the relationship between him, Ernest and Tobi (in detail, simply readin that Benedict was under Ernest’s training was a litle thing that could be extended). What’s his relationship with the other peacekeepers, individually? What about Benedict’s family?

These are just some of the things I thought of sitting at a dentist office, but as far as this becoming a franchise, I would love to get more into this game, it is fun and interesting, but lack of connection beyond simply thinking a character is funny or thinking he is cool definitely is disconnecting.

Comparing it to say my favorite game of all time, Mass Effect, who has all these extensive alien races and backstory/lore on them. Current lore for Battleborn, its characters and lore is very shallow. Maybe next time instead of just having 5 lore unlocks per character, have like a long codex of well-thought out intel on each one character and the lore challenges can be recent lore updated for the current time in the series.


I’d love this. Developing the story and lore of the universe has been one of my favorite parts of the project. We initially had a “Codex” planned in-game, which would have been a lot more lore like this. We just ran out of time, and chose to focus the details on the characters themselves.

Expanding lore in-game, though, is something we’ve talked about more recently. I’d love to do more here, and glad that you guys are interested in hearing from the weird corners of our minds.


Having more character specific and species lore would be awesome, also thanks to all of yall for putting in new lines (Also wondering, whatever happened to victory and loss lines, what was the reason of taking them out, I don’t know if the teleport and taunt kill lines are out)

Time. :slight_smile: That’s what you guys get for scraping our asset packages. :smiley:

We’ve had, at different times, ideas for diffferent type of end-of-match celebrations. We recorded lines so that if we did them, we would have them.

Generally, VO sessions are always scheduled and paid by the hour, sessions lasting 3-4 hours when we’re recording for the bulk of the dialog. We often end up with 20-30 minutes here and there where we write “extra lines” that we can record, even if we don’t have specific plans for them. They are opportunities for the future. These lines sort of fall in that category. We’d love to do something with them at some point, but until then, they’re just extras.


Thanks for answering, and putting that extra time in along with the voice actors

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I also thought it would be very cool, instead of everyone just banding together off screen thanks to Ghalt’s rallying call, that it would’ve been cool to do a recruitment mission for each character in the game, like each recruitment mission in the same style as the story modes currently in game. It would’ve given the story mode much more longevity while you guys hide cool hidden dialogue interactions in each one.
(example would be someone playing as Tobi while recruiting Benedict, they could funnily ‘squawk’ at one another over the radio or something).

More story would’ve been great, initially my plan with this game was to only play story mode because it looked really badass, but replaying the same dozen (counting the operations) or so missions with no real variation between them wore quickly. I completely understand, there were time crunches, but the chaotic fun of running around with friends in story would’ve been that much better if the story mode was more: both in depth and in longevity.

More story missions, like convincing individuals to join the Battleborn, then shifting the character’s attention to working to stop Rendain. It would’ve given the story mode that much more urgency, in a way, where you really felt like you were in a race against time. You could even have it possible to fail to recruit a character (for that playthrough of the story) and show consequences for not recruiting certain characters.

During each story mode there would be special banter between certain characters both on your team, on NOVA and between the character you’re trying to recruit. (And to make it feel like a reward, recruiting the character unlocks them for use in all modes, completing it x amounts of time unlocks lore, titles, skins etc)


I wouldn’t try and look for a solid answer to what the heck is going on in our PvP matches.

League and similar ilk tried their damnest to make sense of their modes, only to please no one and scrap the whole thing.

The easiest conclusion is it’s rehearsals and military simulations. (In real time, not whatever Nova does with the Ops) An important detail is everyone we play as is a part of Ghalt’s BattleBorn initiative.

So there is a believable suspension of disbelief that Ghalt would have the BB do dry runs under different environments and objectives (maps and modes) to improve peer-to-peer relations between the members.

Answering why teams are mismatched outside of breaking the fourth-wall that a player (us) exists and chooses whoever.

The only problem with this, is time. As urgent as their mission is to save the universe, is it believable to think they’d waste so much time running combat routines endlessly? My answer to this, is that all PvP matches are post-Rendain.

This is what they’re doing to stay in tip-top form, as Ghalt sends small squadrons (why there’s only 10 characters practicing at any given time) to handle missions (previewed during the Heliophage epilogue).

This can answer why the LLC is allocating resources to this endeavor (the minions) a use for POWs (Thralls) and an excuse to retire old Sentry units via a brutal death (Think how Navy’s retire Battleships)

I think this explanation about sums up every plot hole our PvP matches do to the overall plot line, and addresses them in a plausible manner within the context of the overarching story.

So feel free to use this as your head canon going forward. :yum:

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Starts chant…


Crowd: Season 2!!


Crowd: At Gearbox’s next convenience! :heart:

(seriously though, if Season 2 is actually a thing now, I really hope the devs pace themselves and don’t try to do too much at once, just start with Nova in a robot suit and go from there)


Besides the “idea” that it’s not a simulation there is also the section in the Prologue that explains why death in Battleborn is not necessarily permanent. In the absence of that explanation and the technology behind it a simulation would be a logical necessity. BTW, I think y’all explanation for why check points exists in PvE and why death is not necessarily permanent is one of the BEST explanations of ANY game.