Reconnect to solo mission

Hello. I must say i really love the missions in Battlleborn. But one thing that really bugs me is that when you get disconnected or the game crash, all progress is lost. There is “server time” when you play solo to, why cant you have some time to reconnect? Its really frustrating to start all over again.

When more thing that is bad is when you press ALT+F4 to close an application, Battleborn closes to. Why is this?

PS: I love this game! please keep content and updates coming, and a ranked mode.


+1 to reconnect

Because, you know, Alt+F4 closes an application and Battleborn is an application too. What exactly do you expect to happen?

Yeah but not ALL aplications should close :stuck_out_tongue: i mean wehen i press alt+f4 to close VLC, battleborn closes to ^^

Yeah, I thought about it and tried it - only current application closes, not Battleborn. Do you use multiple monitor setup?