Reconsider unlocking Lore via private match

I’m not a pvp type so I mainly play story and sometimes a versus with bots. It seems I can’t completed a lore because most of the characters require playing competitive. I’ve tried so many time but turn out I gain nothing and it lag as hell my ping always red (I live in Thailand). So if it’s possible I like you guys to make playing private can unlock a lore or maybe change requirement to story missions only. Thx


Can’t agree enough on these threads.
Especially the PvP lore where you need to play certain modes cough KLEESE cough I couldn’t get into a single capture or meltdown match because of lack of players lately :frowning:
I’d love to complete my lore without performance pressure… I love PvP but I hate PvP lore.


This would be great for Kleese, i feel punished that I decided to do his lore as one of the last ones. no one plays capture or meltdown these days. it’s very rare and I have waited in lobbies for 20-40 mins without anything starting up.


I agree every time i see a thread on this, especially as it will allow new players to get the character specific legendaries to help give them a fighting chance against veteran players. It really is an unnecessary “balance.”

I feel like only specific pvp challenges should be allowed to be done on private. Like ones that require specific maps. Otherwise, it’d be too easy just to get a second controller and cheese it out.

So? Most of the veteran players already have their lore finished, and none of the character-specific legendaries are game-changers anyways. If allowing new or less experienced players to grind out the same in private matches, it would go a LONG way towards keeping new players from getting pissed and stop playing. It would also help keep players from more or less throwing a match for thier teammates by grinding out PVP lore. The ONLY thing that i would say shouldn’t be obtainable through private PVP are non-character-related titles; seeing as these are purely aesthetic anyways, i don’t even see how THAT matters. Who is REALLY shallow enough to care if someone got “Worthy Of Song” from public PVP or not?


I can kinda see both sides of the argument. I get that people don’t like/ can’t play pvp. And I get that privet matched might make lore too easy.

I’ve always been against making them doable in privet matches, but recently I’ve been thinking otherwise for the simple fact that lore legendaries don’t do all that much with their lack lustre stats (unless you’re Ambra). The only reason I’m still against it is because I personally like a challenge. It makes things more worth while to complete when i do complete them. But that seems like a personal thing and not like the community as a whole.

Exactly, only a few character’s legendary gear is top tier, and said characters are USUALLY the hard to play ones: Benedict, Ambra, etc.

As to personally not liking the concept and WHY, i am the same; …but i also see all these threads from people asking for it, as well as all the people unfairly compromising a match by grinding thier lore, and i think: does this really MATTER? I’ve yet to hear a convincing argument about “balance” that says it does. Now, off-server play i HAVE been convinced would do more harm than good, despite it being something i really want.

Just play Chaos Rumble right now and complete those harder lore challenges. There are a lot of matches in capture and meltdown. So doing i.e. Kleese is super easy.

I’m not opposed to the idea of allowing lore completion in bot matches, but I don’t think it’d be smart to keep them exactly the same as they would be made far too easy.

My suggestion would be to do something similar to the character unlocks, though (heavily) modified: allow for two conditions to complete the lore, one PvE focused and one PvP focused (or at least capable of completing them in either).

Let’s take Whiskey’s Kill or Assist in killing Oscar Mike 5 times as an example. The lore reasoning prevents it from being anything else, so this could be changed to the above for PvP or Kill (not assist) OM 15 times in bot matches (PvE). This way you can still grind it out in PvE without making it to easy to complete (also, just throwing out random numbers, it’s the general idea I’m going for here). Whether or not to track those separately (e.g. you have 13 PvE kills and none in PvP and you get two in PvP, do you complete it because you got 15 OM kills or not at all and you sit at 13 PvE/2 PvP?) I’m on the fence about.

As for Kleese, it could be something like ‘once on every map in the game or three times on all story maps’. It holds the spirit in tact while removing the random factor of PvP match choice.

Hope this makes sense :joy:

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Hey just recently I saw a thread with a dev saying they’re actually looking into doing this. They just wanna make sure some of them that are more challenging stay pvp only. That might have been title, but I’m pretty sure he said lore too.

I suffered through each and every one of those horrible lore missions before they were changed to be a cakewalk. If I had my way, you would suffer them all just as I did. o_o

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Whoa, salty! Haha! I DID do the lore challenges for all of the characters i care about, though aside from Toby’s “Killing on Rails” one, i wouldn’t call it “suffering.” (though i also admittedly didn’t do the ones for pre-fix Galilea or Alani’s; WF’s, yes).

I have no idea why wanting something implemented to help other people out is such an alien or hated concept to some…

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You answered your question right there :joy:

Seriously though, it isn’t that strange. A lot of people don’t like grinding out something, including the accompanying frustrations, to only find out that it’s WAAAY easier later on. It makes them feel cheated (of course this is never the intent, but emotions are a fickle thing).


-sigh- i know… In the end, emotions won’t bring in new players, or help keep the ones we have; and i HIGHLY doubt anyone who completed the lore challenges (or titles, for that matter) pre-fix would be mad enough to stop playing. If the game went F2P? OH yeah… I’m hiding in the nearest cave if THAT happens…

I agree 100%. All of these games that gives you better rewards or extra rewards for playing pvp aggravates me.
Rainbow six siege gives extra xp and currency when playing online. So if you’re playing against AI you have to grind twice as long.
I think all games should allow players the same chance to unlock all of the same stuff and to earn just as much in any game mode. Developers should reward you for playing their game how you want, not how they want.


A game should never alienate any type of player. If someone only prefers story or private against bots then they should be able to get rewarded just as much as someone playing pvp.
Plus I prefer if people can grind these kind of things another way. I’ve been on teams in games where people just do one thing the entire match just so they can complete some objective. It sucks for the team.


So very true… Though, in Gearbox’s defense, Battleborn IS their first crack at a PVP game (hopefully not thier last). How many games did it take Rainbow Six to get it right? (I honestly have no idea).

EDIT: Just got your latest post. I agree, and hope Gearbox sees this.

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Change the lore to be actual challenges again, and I’ll be 100% on your side.

As it is now, it’s too easy, and private matches would make it so you could get all the lore “challenges” in about 5 minutes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go sit in my corner and cry.

That SHOULD have been what they did from the start, and i’ve been fighting for it almost since launch. The only lore challenges i would exclude, and keep as they are now, would be the “kill X 25 times” ones, which were BEYOND ridiculous. I feel for whoever grinded out Galilea’s and Alani’s one for Ambra who, until recently, was as rare to see as Atticus (for ME, as least). I thankfully didn’t have a hard time with WF’s, as OM has always been an extremely popular choice on PS4.

-puts hand on shoulder for mild comfort as @timtoborne cries, knowing that a hug would be weird and unwelcome-