Reconsider unlocking Lore via private match

I know the devs @Jythri are considering ways of implementing such a thing, or to even see if it’s viable, but I think there is a possible solution for this.

If you want lore challenges to count in private matches, the only way to do so is to play solo against AI bots. In addition, you must complete the match in order for the results to count. Since both your team and the enemy team is randomized, this ensures that players don’t have full control of what happens in a PvP setting. I’m well aware that people could simply quit a match if they need kills against a particular type of character or faction, but at least they still have to fight the AI to time/win in order for them to progress.

I think this would actually be beneficial in general because

  1. It gives players who don’t like to play against other players a chance to still get their lore challenges done
  2. It provides a - relatively - less stressful environment to play in; since bots are somewhat predictable in a way.
  3. Players who have a hard time finding matches in PvP still have an incentive to still play PvP; though I’m sure they’ll still want to play against other players.
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This is EXACTLY what should be done.