Recover accidentally deleted character

I was deleting some character I had a lvl 50 siren with 70+ hours a lvl 7 moze a lvl 2 fl4k and a lvl 5 Zane I deleted the fl4k then went to delete the lvl 5 Zane while in the middle of deleting my Zane it switched over to my Amara and deleted that instead please help I want my character back

I had the i had a level 50 siren i was about to defeat the first vault boss on true vault hunter mode but then went to start a new character with my friend so i went to delete a level 10 zane and then delete a level 5 fl4k when i was deleting the level 5 it deleted my siren instead so now i have only a level 5 fl4k pls help

So it’s impossible to get it back? Not even through like cloud?

I don’t know i want to know if it is

Yeah same here I’ve been looking around trying everything

It just sucks cause i don’t want to remake a character i already completed

Exactly I just don’t feel like redoing the same exact character but I want it back

I want mine back too but i dont even know if its possible to get it back since were on xbox we might need to just redo it

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If were able to access our cloud storage it should be possible to get it

You could try deleting the local save game data (My Games > Manage BL3) then launching the game to trigger a sync back from the cloud saves. However, if you deleted your character in-game a while ago the deletion may have been sync’d back to the cloud. Worth a shot unless you’ve been playing off-line (in which case all off-line progress would be lost.)

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I’ve tried that but I did it too late if I knew about that earlier I could’ve saved it

I was also to late to get my character data

Seems like we gotta start over as painful as it is but if you launch borderlands while disconnected from the internet you have an xp boost which should help in leveling up so I’m doing that

This just saved me. I was deleting my extra backpacks from forever ago and accidentally trashed my 57 amara with all her gear…I died. Then I found this and I got it back. Many thanks.